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Korin Korin Balit-Djak: Aboriginal health, wellbeing and safety strategic plan 2017–2027

Key messages

  • Korin Korin Balit-Djak means 'Growing very strong' in the Woi wurrung language. It provides an overarching framework for action to improve the health, wellbeing and safety of Aboriginal Victorians now and over the next 10 years.
  • The purpose of Korin Korin Balit-Djak is to realise the Victorian Government's vision for 'Self-determining, healthy and safe Aboriginal people and communities' in Victoria.

Korin Korin Balit-Djak emerges at a significant time for both Aboriginal communities in Victoria and the government. It follows the government's commitment to self-determination for Aboriginal Victorians.

The Department of Health and Human Services commissioned work that has informed both Korin Korin Balit-Djak and the discussion about Aboriginal self-determination across all areas of the Victorian Government and community. This research and discussion has underpinned a new policy platform for Aboriginal health, wellbeing and safety.

Korin Korin Balit-Djak is informed by an extensive consultation process with Aboriginal communities across Victoria, as well as a strong evidence base, including Koolin Balit evaluation findings (Victorian Government 2012). The plan details how the department will work with Aboriginal communities, community organisations, other government departments and mainstream service providers - now and into the future - to improve the health, wellbeing and safety of Aboriginal people in Victoria.

Korin Korin Balit-Djak covers five domains:

  • Aboriginal community leadership
  • prioritising Aboriginal culture and community
  • system reform across the health and human services sector
  • safe, secure, strong families and individuals
  • physically, socially and emotionally healthy Aboriginal communities.

Korin Korin Balit-Djak will be reviewed and updated every three years.

Korin Korin Balit-Djak is guided by the government's vision to achieve optimum health, wellbeing and safety for all Victorians so they can live the life they value. It aligns with the department's strategic directions and aspires to address, and ultimately eliminate, systemic racism within the Victorian health and human service sectors.

Digital stories

Dixon Patten

Victorian Aboriginal artist Dixon Patten was commissioned by the department to produce the artwork titled Korin Korin Balit-Djak. In this video, he explains how his artwork depicts the way the department will work with Aboriginal communities to ensure the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal people.

Influencing Policy: Why Self-determined Outcomes Matter

This video highlights the commitment of the Victorian Government to Aboriginal self-determination and the importance of ensuring Aboriginal Victorians lead decisions in policy development and program delivery.

Associate Professor Gregory Phillips on Aboriginal self-determination

The Department of Health and Human Services invited research Fellow Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute and academic Associate Professor Gregory Phillips to introduce and contextualise Aboriginal self-determination for Korin Korin Balit-Djak Aboriginal health, wellbeing and safety strategic plan 2017-2027.

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