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Needle and Syringe Program Information System (NSPIS)

Key messages

  • The Needle and Syringe Program Information System (NSPIS) captures data about needle and syringe programs in Victoria.
  • The NSPIS data collection platform and installation instructions can be downloaded.
  • Contact the Needle and Syringe Program for further information about collecting data.

The Victorian and Commonwealth Governments fund services to reduce harms associated with alcohol and drug use. To record the level of activity, harm reduction services collect data for:

  • contacts
  • service provision - for example, needles provided and returned, education and referrals
  • responses to harm reduction questions
  • information about the free provision of injecting and safe-sex equipment
  • the disposal of returned waste.

The preferred monthly data-reporting channel is via the Needle and Syringe Information System Agency Reporting.

The Needle and Syringe Program Information System (NSPIS) captures harm reduction service activity and survey data. The following programs can supply data via NSPIS:

  • Needle and Syringe Program
  • Mobile Overdose Response Service
  • Mobile Drug Safety Worker programs.

Organisations using the NSPIS application can generate an extract and email it to

Some organisations report via paper-based surveys and these should be sent to the department by email at, fax or post.

Reviewed 26 May 2022


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