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Food safety programs - class 2

Key messages

  • Every class 2 food premises must have a food safety program.
  • Class 2 businesses can use the department-approved food safety program template or independent food safety program.
  • Some businesses may have a registered food safety template they can use.
  • Any independent food safety program must be audited by an independent auditor or a council auditor.
  • Your local environmental health officer can help with any questions about food safety programs and templates.

All class 2 food businesses must have a food safety program. Class 2 food premises must keep a copy of their food safety program on-site at the business premises.

Class 2 food premises have more choice in how they develop their food safety programs. They can have a food safety program that is one of the following:

  • completed using any suitable food safety program template registered with the department
  • an independent (nonstandard) food safety program that is developed specifically for the premises.

Food safety program templates

Businesses may choose to use a food safety program template developed by the department that is registered under the Act as suitable for creating a standard food safety program for a class 2 food premises operated by a food business that:

  • retails food to the public
  • is a food service business at which food handling activities include the serving of food that is ready for immediate consumption (such as hotels, cafes and restaurants).

Some food premises use other food safety program templates. Any template registered with the department can be used if:

  • it is suitable for the practices undertaken in the food business; and
  • approval is granted by the template owner.

If a business uses an independent (nonstandard) food safety program, the proprietor can choose to have audits conducted by any auditor approved by the department. That audit can be conducted by an independent private auditor or – if the local council offers audit services – by a council auditor.

See ‘Food safety program templates – class 2’ for more information.


FoodSmart is a department-developed online food safety program template that allows different types of food retail and food service businesses to develop their own food safety program.

FoodSmart is designed for class 2 food service and food retail businesses. However, it may also be suitable for some class 2 food manufacturing businesses.

Declared quality assurance codes

In the future, some businesses may choose to develop a nonstandard food safety program under a declared quality assurance system or code, so the program can be incorporated into the larger whole-of-business system. There are currently no declared quality assurance systems or codes for this purpose.

Reviewed 08 October 2015


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