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Register of Convictions - Riviera


Conviction number:
Trade name of food business:
Address of premises where offence(s) occurred:
23/55 Cumberland Drive, Maribyrnong, VIC, 3032
Name of convicted person(s) or company:
Riviera Cafe and Restaurant Pty Ltd
Relationship of convicted person(s) or company:
Date of conviction:
09 Jun 2022
Sunshine Magistrates' Court
Court decision:
Guilty with conviction
Sentence and/or order imposed:
With conviction, fined $3304.00 as part of an aggregate order, with $181.70 costs
Prosecution brought by or for:
Maribyrnong City
Description of offence(s):

Food Act section 16(1) – on 11 June 2021 did fail to comply with any requirement imposed on the person by a provision of the Food Standards Code in relation to conduct of a food business or to food intended for sale or food for sale, specifically:

  • Standard 3.2.2, clause 19(2) – did fail to maintain all fixtures, fittings and equipment, having regard to its use, and those parts of vehicles that are used to transport food, and other items provided by the business to purchasers to transport food, to a standard of cleanliness where there is no accumulation of food waste; dirt; grease; or other visible matter
  • Standard 3.2.2, clause 20(1) – did fail to ensure the following equipment is in a clean and sanitary condition in the circumstances set out below –
    1. eating and drinking utensils – immediately before each use; and
    2. the food contact surfaces of equipment – whenever the food that will come into contact with the surface is likely to be contaminated

Reviewed 09 August 2022


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