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Boards Ministerial Advisory Committee

The Boards Ministerial Advisory Committee’s role is to advise the Minister for Health on board appointments and board capability.

The Minister for Health, Jenny Mikakos MP appoints up to four governance experts to the Boards Ministerial Advisory Committee (BMAC) to help guide the skill and experience of hospital board members, particularly in clinical governance.

Boards are responsible for governing their health service, setting the strategy, overseeing financial and service performance, responding and adapting to challenges such as population and changing demographics, and ensuring the health service meets regulatory, legal and government policy requirements and standards.

The Targeting zero: Supporting the Victorian hospital system to eliminate avoidable harm and strengthen quality of care (Targeting Zero) report by Dr Stephen Duckett, made recommendations on governance to eliminate avoidable harm and strengthen quality of care in hospitals. BMAC was created in response to those recommendations.

BMAC works closely with the Department of Health and Human Services to assess the skills of health service boards and board directors, develop innovative approaches to address shortfalls and ensure boards are highly skilled, independent and effective.

BMAC's establishment and membership

BMAC was established in response to recommendation 2.4 of the Targeting Zero report.

In 2020, BMAC consists of three members:

  • Dr Joanna Flynn (Chair; current director of Ambulance Victoria and the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health)
  • Professor George Braitberg (independent member; former director of Barwon Health)
  • Mr John Maher (independent member; former chairperson of South West Healthcare)

BMAC's role

The principle roles of BMAC are to:

  • provide advice to the Minister for Health (and other ministers as relevant) on how to ensure all public health service and public hospital boards are highly skilled, independent and effective
  • act in accordance with the legislative requirements set out in the Health Services Act 1988 (the Act) and other relevant Victorian Government policies including the Premier’s Circular No. 2015/02 - Good Board Governance and the Appointment and Remuneration Guidelines
  • collaborate with boards to identify any skill gaps, and advise on how identified skill gaps are best addressed
  • provide active oversight at key points of the appointment process and other board appointments considered by the Boards Ministerial Advisory Committee or the department to be high-risk
  • provide advice on other matters referred to it by the Minister.

The full terms of reference are available from the Downloads section. 

Reviewed 05 February 2020


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