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Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights - Privacy - audio brochure


The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in Victoria audio brochures include information on what it means to you as a patient, consumer, family member or carer using the Victorian healthcare system.

  • 17 September 2015
  • Duration: 1:36
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  • Australian and Victorian laws protect the privacy and confidentiality of your personal health and other information. Information must be collected, used, stored and shared in accordance with these laws.

    Everyone involved in your treatment and care has a professional and legal duty to keep information about you confidential. Sometimes your healthcare provider needs to share information about you with others involved in your care. They will only share information with someone not involved in your care with your permission, or if required to by law, such as in a medical emergency. The Victorian Health Records Act 2001 sets out privacy principles with which all health services must comply.

    You have a right to a say about what happens to your information. If you decide not to share some of your information or restrict access to your health record, this is your right, but it may affect your healthcare provider's ability to provide you with the best possible care. 

    You have a right to access your healthcare record. Please tell your healthcare provider if any information is incorrect, incomplete or out of date. In some cases, you may be given only part of your record. If so, you have the right to apply under Freedom of Information laws for your complete record. Ask your patient representative or relevant staff member for more information, or contact the Office of the Health Services Commissioner.

Reviewed 30 December 2021

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