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Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights - Access - audio brochure


The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in Victoria audio brochures include information on what it means to you as a patient, consumer, family member or carer using the Victorian healthcare system.

  • 17 September 2015
  • Duration: 1:05
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  • You have a right to the health care you need. This right is supported by Medicare, which provides access to free or subsidised treatment by doctors, and access to free public hospital services. 

    You have a right to be treated as your medical condition requires, regardless of your ability to pay, or whether you have private insurance. 

    You have a right to high quality health care that meets your health needs. The Victorian healthcare system includes a wide range of services. Getting the care you need may mean referral to a different service than the one you first visited. 

    You may choose to be a public or private patient. If you are a public patient, you will not be charged for hospital or medical services. If you are a private patient, you or your insurer will be charged for some services. Your health service should explain any costs or differences involved in your care if you were a private patient.

    You may be charged a small fee for some publicly-funded healthcare services such as dental services or physiotherapy.

Reviewed 20 September 2021

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