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Applying for board director positions

The Department of Health is pleased to invite applications for 2023 part-time board positions of public health services (including Ambulance Victoria, HealthShare Victoria and Forensicare) and public hospitals (including multi-purpose services and early parenting centres).

These positions provide an exciting opportunity for members of the Victorian public with relevant experience and qualifications that contribute to the strategic leadership of public health care delivery to the community.

Appointments are expected to commence on 1 July 2023.

Public health services include Victoria’s major metropolitan and regional health services such as:

  • Austin Health
  • Monash Health
  • Goulburn Valley Health
  • Latrobe Regional Hospital.

Public hospitals include:

  • Victoria’s regional and rural hospitals, such as: Beaufort, Skipton Health Service, Mildura Base Public Hospital and South Gippsland Hospital
  • multi-purpose services such as: Alpine Health and Mallee Track Health and Community Service
  • the two early parenting centres: The Queen Elizabeth Centre and Tweddle Child and Family Health Service.

For the complete list on public health services and public hospitals visit the following page Public hospitals in Victoria

Submitting an application

All applications should be submitted online via the join a public board website. This includes those seeking reappointment.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate and provide evidence in support of their nominated capabilities.

Being able to demonstrate strong working relationships and an ability to achieve through collaboration and partnerships, particularly in the Victorian health sector, will be highly valued.

The Department of Health is committed to ensuring boards and committees reflect the rich diversity of Victorian community. Applications are particularly encouraged from:  

  • women 
  • people of all ages
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people
  • people with disability
  • people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds  
  • those who identify with the LGBTQI+ community.

Board Director Capability Framework

The department has developed the Board Director Capability Framework (the framework) to enable a more consistent approach in defining capabilities for health service boards. Capabilities have three different levels of proficiency – foundational, proficient, and advanced.

Directors appointed to a board are preferred to be proficient in the primary capabilities they nominate. They are also expected to attain the foundation level on all remaining capabilities within their first year after appointment. 

The framework provides more information on the capabilities. Please note that for HealthShare Victoria and Forensicare, additional capabilities are listed in the relevant position description.

The information supplied by applicants will be used to make an assessment. 

For further information please refer to the downloads section. 

Eligibility requirements 

Employees of Victorian Government departments, statutory authorities (including public health services, public hospitals and  multi-purpose services) and other entities (but excluding local government) are classified as employees of the Victorian Public Service. 

Please note that health board directors are not classified as employees.

The eligibility requirements are underpinned by the principle of supporting a culture of integrity and actively managing conflict of interest.

To avoid real, potential and/or perceived conflicts of interest the following criteria apply to applicants who are Victorian Public Sector employees:

  • Current employees or contractors of the Department of Health (including an employee on secondment to the department) are not eligible for these board appointments. 
  • Current employees of a public health service (including Ambulance Victoria, Forensicare and HealthShare Victoria), public hospital, multi-purpose service or early parenting centre are not eligible for appointment to the board of that health service.
  • They are however eligible for appointment to the board of another health service (subject to employer approval), unless that health service has announced plans to explore an amalgamation with their employing health service.
  • Former employees of a public health service (including Ambulance Victoria, Forensicare and HealthShare Victoria), public hospital, multi purpose service or early parenting centre are eligible for appointment to the board of that health service if their employment ended more than 18 months before the closing date for applications.


As the position will require applicants to attend health facilities, compliance with current and future requirements in relation to COVID-19 vaccination is a mandatory pre-requisite for appointment to the Board.  

Applicants will be asked to confirm that they: 

  1. comply with all current requirements in relation to COVID-19 vaccination and will, if invited to interview / considered for appointment, provide supporting evidence; and 
  2. if appointed, undertake to take all reasonable steps to remain compliant with all requirements in relation to COVID-19 vaccination (for example, undergoing booster vaccination), should such requirements change during the term of your appointment.

Reviewed 13 January 2023


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