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Key messages

  • The activities in Element 5 focus on developing a framework for strategic action.
  • This strategic plan will help you work towards growing and reforming the allied health assistant workforce.

Element 5 focuses on the development a framework for strategic action and change within the organisation.

This strategic plan gives your organisation an evidence base for growth in the allied health assistant (AHA) workforce during the next five years.

The strategic planning process

The strategic planning process takes the data analysis and identified priority areas from Element 4 to produce the AHA workforce strategic plan.

The next step is to present the results of the data analysis to the steering committee, managers, allied health staff and executive sponsors.

Using feedback from these meetings:

  • draft goals
  • review and evaluate goals
  • finalise the AHA workforce strategic plan
  • obtain written endorsement.


  • Draw from the data analysis conducted during Element 4.
  • Obtain a realistic assessment of organisational resources such as budgets and staffing.
  • Consult with and gain input from all stakeholders.
  • Include indicators to evaluate the success of the AHA workforce strategic plan.
  • Develop strategies that lead to long-term commitment by the organisation.
  • Promote the AHA workforce strategic plan to executives, allied health managers and allied health staff.

Reviewed 05 October 2015


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