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Energy purchasing

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Health Services are responsible for purchasing their own energy and as such are encouraged to seek competitive tenders.

There are three main options for Victorian health services to purchase energy:

  1. the dedicated Hospital Energy Buying Group
  2. the Department of Treasury and Finance State Purchasing Contract for energy
  3. the existing retail energy market.

If a buying group or individual agencies are developing their own tender for the supply of electricity or gas, they should consider:

Hospital energy buying group

Following deregulation of the electricity industry, the department set up an Electricity Buying Group for hospitals that were contestable customers. The group purchases electricity and natural gas competitively and achieves competitive energy prices for all participating agencies.

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Electricity & gas purchasing contracts

The Victorian Government, through the Victorian Government Purchasing Board, has arranged a statewide contract for the supply of electricity. More details are available from the Victorian Government Purchasing Board website.

LPG bulk purchasing guide

A bulk LPG (liquid petroleum gas) purchasing guide was produced for health services in 2004. The guide gives general information on the bulk LPG market and provides a guide for the types of issues that health services should consider when tendering for LPG. The department encourages health services to seek multiple tenders for all contracts and to clearly specify hospital requirements.

Further information

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