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Sub acute Care Services

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Victoria's Sub-acute Care Service system is comprised of inpatient care in extended care centres, dedicated sub-acute units within acute hospitals and a comprehensive suite of sub-acute ambulatory care services.

What's New

Health Decision Dilemmas: rights, responsibilities and risk forum March 16 2012
Health Decision Dilemmas: rights, responsibilities and risks, was held at 50 Lonsdale Street on March 16. It was attended by almost 200 senior managers and clinicians.

The forum explored the complexities of health care decisions through the lens of law communication, ethics and client centred practice. A panel session used a scenario approach to further explore related issues by drawing on the varied perspectives of panel members to resolve a complex issue, or dilemma. The Minister for Health, Hon David Davis, addressed the forum and identified the government's commitment for developing an implementation plan for Advance Care Planning.

  Risks and decision making: Negotiating person centred approaches and risk management   Ethics and decision making
  What do we know from the sector?
  Rights vs Responsibility - Legal framework
  Raising difficult issues leading to shared decision making
National Partnership Agreement - Schedule E, 2013-14 subacute projects funding templates
  NPA-Sch E 2013-14 Subacute projects submission cover sheet
  Subacute equipment funding guidelines 2013-14
  Subacute equipment template 2013-14
  Subacute waitlist guideline and application 2013-14
  Subacute redesign projects 2013-14 overview
  Redesign business case template single project
  Subacute scholarships guidelines and application form 2013-14

  Metropolitan Rehabilitation and GEM workshop (Nov 2013) Setting the scene an overview of subacute reforms

  Metropolitan Rehabilitation and GEM workshop (Nov 2013) Alfred Health subacute model of care

  Metropolitan Rehabilitation and GEM workshop (Nov 2013) Subacute a model of care not a discharge destination

  Metropolitan Rehabilitation and GEM workshop (Nov 2013) What your data tells us

  Rehabilitation Models of Care Overview of Literature Review (Nov 2013)

  Victoria's rehabilitation models of care workshop (Nov 2013) What the data tells us

  Subacute Care Forum (Feb 2012) Subacute Data Presentation

  Subacute Care Forum (Feb 2012) Activity Based Funding Presentation

  Subacute Care Forum (Feb 2012) Department of Health Update

  Sub-acute Ambulatory Care Services Funding and Targets 2011-12

  HIP Forum (Feb 2013) Department of Health Update

  HIP Forum (Feb 2013) HIP Consolidation DH

  HIP Forum Nov 2013 - DH presentation and Care Coordination in HIP

  Barwon Health HIP Presentation May 2014

  HIP Forum May 2014 Department of Health Update

  HIP Consolidation The Year in Review

  HIP Forum (Sept 2014) Department of Health Update

  HIP Consolidation diagram 2013

Last updated: 12 January, 2015
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