Department of Health and Human Services

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Southern Metropolitan region

Metropolitan regions of the department are structured around distinct geographic catchments that enhance our ability to focus on population health need. Significantly, in the Southern regional area, teams have boundaries that align with Medicare Locals and each comprise several local government areas. Southern Metropolitan Region area teams are:

Department of Health Metropolitan Regions

Highlighting Southern Metropolitan Region and area team catchments

Image of Southern and Eastern Regions including Local Government Areas

Overview of Sourthern Metropolitan Region Agencies and Services

Agencies/Service No. Agencies/Service No.
Local Governments 10 Supported Residential Services 50
State Funded Alcohol and Drug Services 22 Schools 391
Area Mental Health Services 4 Kindergartens 381
Mental Health Community Support Services 17 GPs per 1000 population 1.12
Community Health Services 3 Public health services 14
Community Health Services Operated by Health Services (Monash Health, Peninsula Health and Alfred Health 3 Private health services 51
Primary Care Partnerships 3 Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services 2
Women's Health Service 1 Medicare Locals 3

National Health Service Directory

The NHSD is a consolidated and comprehensive national directory of health services and provider information that replaces the Victorian Human Services Directory. It aligns with and supports current health reform activities and covers all services across the public and private sector.