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Eastern Metropolitan Region Mental Health Strategic Plan 2011-13

Mental Health and Older Person's Alliance
The Eastern Metropolitan Region Mental Health and Older Person's Alliance aims to increase the capacity of community aged care workers to identify and respond to mental health issues. The Alliance was convened in February 2012 and the project is now in the implementation stage. During 2014 it will deliver and evaluate: service orientation sessions, a mental health training module for community aged care staff and secondary consultation forums where complex issues or people can be discussed with mental health service representatives. There is an emphasis on service co-ordination and collaborative care in the projects vision.
Service Coordination Alliance
The Eastern Mental Health Service Coordination Alliance is managing the adult service coordination pathways project which aims to strengthen the organisational partnerships between clinical mental health, PDRSS, and AOD services as well as homelessness services in order to provide a cohesive service system for adult clients. Membership also includes the Inner Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local, Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local, Knox CHS, and the Outer East Primary Care Partnership.
Youth Mental Health
Youth Mental Health The Youth Mental Health Steering Committee oversees the outer east youth service project. This project is developing an integrated multi-sectoral service delivery model for children, youth and families in the outer east. It includes representation from child and youth mental health services, primary health services, AOD services, homelessness support services, DEECD, DHS and local government. This committee has strong links with the Outer East Headspace Consortium, led by Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local.

Aboriginal Health

The Victorian Government, in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and the Commonwealth Government, is committed to developing and delivering programs that can help close the gap in life expectancy between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Victorians.

For more information about Aboriginal Health initiatives visit Aboriginal Health.

Eastern Metropolitan Region Integrated Oral Health Plan 2011-14

The Eastern Metropolitan Region Integrated Oral Health Plan 2011-14 is a three-year, whole-of-region plan which builds on existing collaborations and relationships between Community Health Services and other stakeholders supporting public oral health services in the Eastern Metropolitan Region.

Development of the plan included; scoping oral health needs and service activity in the region; identifying opportunities for further collaboration, partnerships and service integration, and; agreeing to processes and arrangements to support regional collaboration.

The implementation of the Eastern Metropolitan Region Integrated Oral Health Plan 2011-14 will be overseen by the Eastern Metropolitan Region Oral Health Network.

  Eastern Metropolitan Region Integrated Oral Health Plan 2011-14

Eastern Metropolitan Region Alcohol and Other Drug Strategic Plan

From 2007- 2013, the Department of Health EMR led the development of an EMR Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Strategy. Key activities included:

AOD Service Co-ordinator Steering Group
Establishment of an AOD Service Co-ordination Steering Group to promote intra-sector relationships and develop systems to support more accessible, coordinated and client centered care. This group produced an AOD Service Coordination Toolkit to support organisational and practice change. The Department of Health in Eastern Metropolitan Region has published the Toolkit and it is available as an on-line resource.
AOD Tertiary Student Placement Project
An AOD tertiary student placement project was created to support workforce development across the AOD sector in Eastern Metropolitan Region. EDAS (a consortium of three EMR AOD agencies) is the lead for this project which was evaluated by KPMG in 2012. Thirteen students were placed in Alcohol and Drug services in the first year, thirty-five students were placed in the second year and fifty-five students were placed in the third year. The student evaluations reported the placements as highly successful and useful. The KPMG report concluded that the model should be expanded resulting in funding of $100K being provided in June 2012 to support further implementation of the model and $50K in July 2013 to complete the evaluation of the project.
EMR Dual Diatnosis Working Group
The Eastern Metropolitan Region Dual Diagnosis Working Group was established to build dual diagnosis capacity in mental health and AOD services and identify systems and processes to facilitate coordinated care. Building on this work, in 2012 Knox Community Health AOD service, Eastern Health clinical mental health service and EACH PDRSS worked together to develop and implement tools and resources to improve coordinated care for clients with both AOD and mental health issues.

Home and Community Care Active Service Model

The Victorian Home and Community Care (HACC) Active Service Model is a quality improvement initiative which aims to increase the Victorian HACC Program's effectiveness in maximising client independence through person-centred and capacity building approaches to service delivery.  The Active Service Model emphasises a holistic approach to care promotes client well-being which assists people in the HACC target group to live in the community as independently and autonomously as possible.

In the Eastern Metropolitan Region the EMR HACC Alliance provides a forum in which all HACC funded agencies, service delivery partners and key stake holders can come together to support the implementation the Active Service Model (ASM), HACC Diversity Practice and key quality improvement initiatives across the HACC Program.  

The Alliance supports a range of projects, tools development and training and development opportunities.  Resources can be down loaded via the Inner East Primary Care Partnership and Outer East Health and Community Support Alliance sites.

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