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New Procurement Policies

In February 2013, the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) introduced a new policy framework.

All government departments and agencies subject to VGPB policy are required to transition to the new procurement policies and guidelines. The department commenced the transition from 1 July 2014.

Policies and Guidelines

The VGPB's new policy framework seeks to reposition procurement as a core business function for departments.  The department will comply with the VGPB policies as defined in the VGPB’s Policies, Guides and Tools - as summarised below. 


The department will ensure that all procurement activity continues to meet the following directives:

All procurement undertaken by the department will be in line with these policies and directives.

Procurement Activity Plan

The VGPB’s Governance Policy requires that transitioned Departments publish a summary of procurement activities planned to be conducted over the forthcoming 12-18 months.

The aim of the plan is to provide potential suppliers with an overview of the types of procurement activities (goods and services only) that the department may undertake over this period. The plan will be updated from time to time to reflect other planned procurement activities.

The below table reflects proposed procurement activities of the former Health programs of the new Department of Health & Human Services. For details of Human Services portfolio procurement activities please visit here.

Annual Procurement Activity Plan 2014 - 15

Procurement Name Expected Market Approach Contact Name Expected Market Approach Date Approximate spend
Project Management for Premier’s Active April Request for Tender Andrew Horne
Ph (03) 9096 1455
Q1 (2015-16) >$500,000
Victorian Active Ageing Partnership 2015-2018 Request for Tender Shane Russell
Ph (03) 9096 2410
Q1 (2015-16) >$250,000
Processing, scanning and data entry of Seniors and Companion Card applications and associated forms Request for Tender Shane Russell
Ph (03) 9096 2410
Q4 (2014-15) >$500,000
Victorian Population Health Survey in 2015 and 2016 Request for Tender Nicole Burge
Ph (03) 9096 1545
Q4 (2014-15) >$750,000
Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs Ice Practice Support Request for Tender Andrew Horne
Ph (03) 9096 1455
Q4 (2014-15) >$400,000
Business Management System eServices Register Andrew Horne
Ph (03) 9096 1455
Q2 (2015-16) >$1 mil
Personal Alert Victoria (PAV) Request for Tender Nicole Burge
Ph (03) 9096 1545
Q3/4 (2015-16) >$50 mil


All planned procurement activities are subject to revision or cancellation. The information in this Procurement Activity Plan is provided for planning purposes only and it does not present a solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment by the Government to purchase the described goods or services.

This Procurement Activity Plan was last updated on 23 June 2015.

Procurement Complaints Management Process

Procurement Complaints Management System

The Complaints Management System demonstrates the commitment the department places on the conduct of procurement and the department’s interactions with the market.  The system gives suppliers surety that there is a mechanism in place to raise concerns about a particular procurement activity.

Complaints will be handled in a consistent, fair and transparent manner using the following process:


Procurement Process

More Information


Visit Victorian Government Procurement for more information about Victorian Government Purchasing Board frameworks.

Visit Business Victoria for more information on Victorian Government procurement and business opportunities.