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Active Design Webinar by Dr Karen Lee, February 2013

Funded by the Department of Health and VictHealth with the support of the McCaughey Centre and Heart Foundation.

Healthy Together Victoria

Video by Healthy Together Victoria
(An initiative by the Victorian and Australian Government)

Healthy Together Victoria aims to improve people's health where they live, learn, work and play. It focuses on addressing the underlying causes of poor health in children's settings, workplaces and communities by encouraging healthy eating and physical activity, and reducing smoking and harmful alcohol use.

Healthy Together Victoria incorporates policies and strategies to support good health across Victoria, as well as locally-led Healthy Together Communities.

The initiative is jointly funded by the State Government of Victoria and the Australian Government through the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health (NPAPH).

Children and families

Supporting and nurturing children’s learning and development from birth is crucial to long-term health, education, social and economic outcomes. As children and young people develop the knowledge, skills and behaviour for lifelong health and wellbeing, preventive efforts focused in the early years of life are likely to be effective and long-lasting.

The Department of Health and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, in partnership with the Australian government, local governments and communities, are building a dynamic health and wellbeing system to support healthy lifestyles and choices for children and families. This includes a particular focus on creating healthy places where children spend a lot of their time; including early childhood services and schools.

Workplaces and workforces

The benefits of healthy workplaces reach far beyond individual workers, influencing the health of families and communities, and yielding social and economic benefits. A healthy workplace also reduces sick leave and staff turnover and increases productivity and participation.

Through the NPAPH, the Australian Government is delivering national initiatives that complement the work underway in Victoria. These are underpinned by a joint statement by the Australian Government and peak employer representatives and unions demonstrating their commitment to improving the health of the population through workplaces.

The national initiatives include a quality framework to specify standards for workplace programs, the Healthy Workers brings together the latest tools, resources and guidance to support employers promoting healthy workplaces and an awards program

Healthy Together initiatives

A range of initiatives are underway across Victoria, focusing on children, workplaces and workforces, and communities:

Healthy Together Victoria also create links to health promotion and prevention services and programs such as Best Start, Maternal and Child Health Service, Primary and Secondary School Nursing, Student Support Service Officers, Premier’s Active Families Challenge, Ride2School, Mental Health Promotion Officers,WorkHealth and Life!

Healthy Together Communities

Locally-led Healthy Together Communities are operating in 12 areas across Victoria. In these areas, local governments, in partnership with community health organisations, local stakeholders and communities, are leading comprehensive local efforts to support the development of a local prevention system.

A significant new workforce and extensive capacity building are being provided by the Department of Health to ensure the skills and resources within these areas are strengthened and aligned. Healthy Together Communities aim to make a real impact on the health and wellbeing of local populations.

Healthy Together Communities are operating across:

Leadership for prevention

Leadership for systems change in preventive health by Dr Sally Fawkes from La Trobe University was commissioned by the Department of Health and managed by the Centre of Excellence in Intervention and Prevention Science. It provides the foundations for developing leadership to support Victoria’s prevention system.