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Pressure Ulcer Basics – the original PUBS package aimed at all hospital based clinicians covers pressure ulcer development, assessment, management and prevention.
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Pressure Ulcers Basics: for residential aged care workers

Pressure Ulcer Basics: for residential aged care workers is an online education program developed for certificate III and IV staff based in Victorian residential aged care facilities.
The information aims to help residential aged care staff understand how pressure areas develop and how they can help to reduce the risk of residents developing pressure areas.

The package is composed of six short modules:

Module 1 – An Introduction to Pressure Areas

Module 2 – Risk Factors

Module 3 – Risk Identification

Module 4 – Prevention and Management of Pressure Areas

Module 5 – Types of Pressure Areas

Module 6 – Communicating Information About Pressure

Note: Currently this online eLearning package does not support Apple MAC computers. It only works under a Windows operating system.

Pressure Ulcer Basics course - Open in small window (800 x 600)

Pressure Ulcer Basics course - Open in large window (1024 x 768)

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Last updated: 13 February, 2012
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