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viCPlace is a secure, web-based information system that helps Victorian clinical placement providers (CPPs) plan and administer clinical placements with partnered education providers (EPs).

viCPlace: Placement planning process

  Fact sheet: viCPlace

New features in 2014

Recent minor updates to viCPlace include usability enhancements to increase workflow efficiencies and provide improved user experience.

A major viCPlace update is scheduled prior to the commencement of Phase 2 of Clinical placement planning in 2014. This will incorporate feedback received through the evaluation process for Clinical placement planning in 2013, the helpdesk and Information Support Officers (ISOs) to improve the look, use and feel of the system.

New features will include:

Ongoing development

viCPlace-related projects planned for 2014-2015 include:

viCPlace student privacy and security

viCPlace stores student information which is required for clinical placements within health services. Each student’s personal information is only accessible to the parties organising the placement (EP and CPP). viCPlace is therefore a mechanism to allow student information to be stored securely and shared exclusively between these parties.

From 1 July 2014, the four minimum student information fields (first name, surname, gender and date of birth) will be mandatory viCPlace fields for input of student details.

  Fact sheet: viCPlace Student Privacy and Security

viCPlace and the Training and Development Grant for public health services

To reduce the burden on health services the allocation of the department’s Training and Development Grant: professional-entry student clinical placements subsidy  from 2014-15 onwards will be based upon activity reports generated directly from viCPlace.

This will replace the requirement for the annual clinical placement data collection.

History of viCPlace

Auspiced by the Victorian Clinical Training Council, viCPlace has been developed through ongoing consultation with stakeholders from the Clinical Training Networks (CTNs). The development has been possible due to support from Bendigo Health and funding made available by the Victorian Government Department of Health.

The development of viCPlace commenced in 2011 and was first rolled out in 2012 to 26 pilot sites across Victoria.

The rollout of viCPlace has aligned with Clinical placement planning.

The development of viCPlace has been driven by stakeholders. Formal stakeholder representation for an initial state-wide advisory group and three time-limited viCPlace in Practice groups (nursing, medicine and allied health) were sought through the CTN committees. All users have also been invited to provide input through a range of mechanisms including the viCPlace helpdesk, CTN ISOs and annual evaluations.

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