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In 2006 the Victorian government allocated funding to establish or extend twelve child health teams in community health services (CHSs). These teams provide services to Victorian children experiencing mild to moderate developmental difficulties and behavioural issues. Services aim of improve the health and development of children, especially those at risk of falling behind key early developmental milestones, through the provision of coordinated community-based multidisciplinary services.

Child health teams

Although twelve CHSs received specific child health teams funding, many more CHSs provide multidisciplinary child and family services. The objectives of all child health teams are to:

The objectives of all child health teams are to:

Outcome priorities

Child health teams contribute to addressing selected priorities from The Victorian Child and Adolescent Outcome Framework. These are:

Target population

Children 0-12 years, with priority given to the 0-6 year age group, with health or developmental difficulties and their families, where the presenting concern is not a disability or significant developmental delay.

Services provided

Child health teams work with children and families and provide multidisciplinary care through a mix of group and individual interventions. Typically services include dietetics, occupational therapy, psychology, and speech pathology.

Child health team characteristics

Models of care are developed in partnership with local communities and reflect local needs. However, research evidence suggests that core principles include:

Resources & links

Child Health Services and Child Health team locations:

To locate child health services, including child health teams, in your local community, please use the Human Services Directory.

Child Health Team Resources:

Guidelines for the child health teams in Community Health Services initiative, Sept 2006 (111 kb, pdf)

Child health teams in community health: A survey of 11 community health services (969kb, pdf)


Further information

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