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Page content: Review of public health interventions for asthma | National Asthma Action Plan 1999-2002 | National Asthma Strategy

Review of public health interventions for asthma


This evidence-based review consolidates the findings of a literature review of public health interventions for asthma care. The focus is on interventions relevant to the Victorian setting. To provide an up-to-date picture, the report also describes research in progress within Australia, but not yet referenced in the academic literature.

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Adobe Acrobat icon Review of public health interventions for asthma (532kb, pdf)

National Asthma Action Plan 1999-2002


In August 1999, asthma was declared Australia’s sixth National Health Priority Area (NHPA). In addition, the Commonwealth Government made a commitment in the 1999–2000 Budget to improving health outcomes for Australians with asthma by allocating funding of $8 million over three years to national initiatives. These commitments recognised the considerable burden that asthma places on the Australian community and acknowledged the extent and quality of the work being undertaken by the wide range of individuals, organisations and State and Territory Governments working together to improve quality of life and health outcomes for people with asthma.

This National Asthma Action Plan has been developed to provide a focus for targeted national asthma management activity over a three-year period. In addition to its potential for coordinating activity at Commonwealth and State and Territory levels, it will serve as a useful reference or guide for the range of organisations nationwide that have an active interest in the asthma field. Coordinated and concerted efforts in the action areas outlined in the Action Plan offer potential for measurable gain in asthma outcomes.

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Available from the National Health Priorities and Quality web site.

National Asthma Strategy


The purpose of this document is to outline comprehensive strategies which will:

  • significantly reduce the prevalence and severity of asthma and the risk of asthma;
  • contribute to favourable health outcomes through better understanding, skill and commitment;
  • reduce the social and economic impact of asthma on the community.

The strategies document brings to life the framework and direction already set down in National Asthma Strategy, Goals and Targets. It restates the magnitude of the asthma problem here in Australia and identifies the action required if the substantial changes needed are to become a reality.

You can access the National Asthma Strategy from the National Asthma Council website.

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Last updated: 10 December, 2007
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