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Non-emergency patient transport

The Department of Health is responsible for the regulation of non-emergency patient transport (NEPT) under the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Act 2003 and the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Regulations 2005. This legislation mandates the minimum requirements for the quality and safety of care delivered to patients by NEPT services.

The Private Health Services Regulation Unit has responsibility for NEPT licensing within the Department of Health. Please direct any queries about NEPT licences to the Unit on (61 3) 9096 2164 or

This website contains general information and guidelines and forms for applicants and licence holders.

  List of NEPT services in Victoria - updated 10 September 2015

For more information on NEPT policy see Ambulance and Emergency programs.

Booking non-emergency patient transport

The Department cannot book transport for patients.

Transport must be booked through a licence holder (see List of NEPT services) or through Ambulance Victoria, in consultation with the patient's medical practitioner.

To book an NEPT through Ambulance Victoria please call the following numbers;

The Ambulance Victoria NEPT booking form can be downloaded from the Ambulance Victoria website.