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Area of Need

The Medical Board of Australia under section 67 of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (Victoria)  Act 2009 (the ‘National Law’) requires international medical graduates (IMGs) who do not qualify for general or specialist registration to obtain an Area of Need endorsement when applying for limited registration for an area of need (or for a renewal of limited registration for an area of need).

Section 67(5) of the National Law provides that it is the responsible Minister (or Ministers’ delegate) in a participating jurisdiction who decides whether and Area of Need exists. However it is for the Medical Board of Australia to decide whether an individual applicant is eligible, qualified and suitable to practice in a particular position.

In Victoria, it is the responsibility of the Department of Health to assess all Area of Need applications and to determine whether a genuine need exists. Area of Need typically relates to any location in which there is a lack of specific medical practitioners, or where there is a medical position that remains unfilled following multiple recruitment attempts over a period of time. Area of Need applies to both public and private sector positions.


  1. Statement of Need.  All applications must include a statement of need outlining why the employer needs to employ an IMG. Statements may include information on the number of recruitment attempts, geographical pressures and special cultural needs relevant to the demographic.
  2. If access to the Medicare benefits arrangement is required:

  3. Evidence of district of workforce (DWS) status. As an Area of Need endorsement is not linked to the provision of a Medicare provider number, there is no guarantee that an IMG will be granted access to a Medicare provider number or the Medicare billing arrangements on the basis of an Area of Need endorsement. For international doctors, access to a Medicare provider number is linked to the DWS status of the location.

    Therefore, all Area of Need applications in respect to positions that require a Medicare provider number must include evidence, as below:

    • General Practitioners – provide a printout or scan of the DrConnect map positively identifying the location as a DWS.
    • Specialists –provide a copy of the email from the Department of Health ( confirming the location as a DWS for the specialty.

    Some exemptions to working in a DWS do exist. Information regarding 19AB exemptions can be found in the Health Insurance (Section 19AB Exemptions) Guidelines 2012.  If a location is not currently a DWS and the candidate intends on applying to the Commonwealth for another type of 19AB exemption then the employer should indicate the type of 19AB exemption on the application form.


Applications for an Area of Need endorsement must be made directly to the Department by completing the current Area of Need application form located at the bottom of this page. All applications for new endorsements must:

Approval period - if approved, Area of Need endorsements are valid for 12 months.

Time frame for Assessment - where all information has been submitted, applications are processed in approximately 15 days. Once approval is received an electronic version will be sent to the applicant via email, the original by post.

Forms and submit

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