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HIV/AIDS Services in Victoria

In Australia, the availability and success of antiretroviral treatments has meant that acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome (AIDS) related mortality is increasingly uncommon. However, HIV/AIDS patients, in living longer, have increasingly more complex health problems. This is due to the treatment side effects and the psychosocial effects of living with a debilitating illness and with associated issues of poverty, social isolation and mental health.

Reasons for hospitalisation have changed and there is an increasing reliance on hospital outpatient, general practitioner and community services. This shift in care highlights the need for models of service provision to facilitate efficient access and timely transition across a range of healthcare services based on better integration and co-ordination of services.

Victorian Government funded services

There are a range of services and programs for people living with HIV/AIDS funded by the Victorian Government, including:

Service reviews

Project to Develop and Integrated Service Model for the provision of HIV Services in Victoria - 2007

In 2007 the department commissioned a consultant-led project to develop an integrated service model for the provision of HIV services in Victoria. It involved extensive consultation with the HIV care and treatment sector to outline current practice, identify gaps in service delivery, and make specific recommendations for improvements. Finalised in December 2007, the department considered and acted on a number of issues raised in the report.

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