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November 2015

Poeple at museum jpeg Light Horse Museum volunteer Frances Dingle and curator Bernie Dingle, Governor Linda Dessau, Monash Health Chair Barbara Yeoh, volunteer Hank Heermans, nurse Katelyn Wall, Monash Health CEO Shelly Park and volunteer Rick Beeby.

Monash honours Anzac nurses

Governor of Victoria Linda Dessau has opened a stunning Anzac Nurses, Service and Sacrifice exhibition at Monash Medical Centre’s Art Space in Clayton.

The exhibition runs until January 30 and commemorates the achievements of the nurses from the Melbourne Homeopathic Hospital and the Queen Victoria Hospital who served in World War 1.

‘We will ensure their names are never forgotten,’ said Monash Health Chair Barbara Yeoh.

‘Our nurses were truly pioneers.

‘They were among the first Australian women to deal face-to-face with war, the sick, the wounded and the dead.’

The Monash Health Foundation project – which embraces ‘service and healing’ – was the first of four exhibitions at Monash Health as part of World War 1 centenary commemorations.

In 2016, the service will commemorate Anzac doctors.

In 2017, it will salute the impact on medicine on the home front.

And in 2018, Monash Health will honour Sir John Monash and the Western Front, the theatre of war where its nurses and doctors were on the front line.

As a former nurse, Chief Executive Officer Shelly Park said she was deeply moved by the service – and incredible sacrifice – of the Anzac nurses.

‘I am so proud that Monash Health can play a small part in bringing you the important story of bravery, devotion and consummate care of our Anzac nurses to ensure their service is never forgotten.

‘We must never forget those Anzac nurses were sisters, mothers, daughter and friends in their own right.’

Monash Health has also established two Anzac Commemorative Nursing scholarships.