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May 2018

Group of people jpeg Victoria University Polytechnic’s Yvonne Russell, Western Health’s Tom Galtieri, Global eHealth Collaborative’s Cathy Bryceland, Western Health’s Annette de Jager, GEHco’s Evelyn Hovenga Western Health’s Scott Grentell, Kate Breen from the Department of Education and Training and Julie Brophy from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Clinical coders to benefit from training program

Western Health staff have helped develop a new training program for clinical coders.

Clinical coders analyse patient records – identifying all diagnoses, operations and procedures – and translate them into code format.

This ensures medical records are properly and uniformly documented and, importantly, that patient services are correctly funded.

The new clinical coding training tool (CCTT) is software that simulates the workplace by presenting a variety of possible patient scenarios, allowing clinical coders to hone their skills.

It has been developed in collaboration with Western Health, the Department of Education and Training, Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria Polytechnic and the Global eHealth Collaborative.

It was launched at Victoria University.

Western Health’s manager of clinical coding services Scott Grentell said Western Health had contributed 500 (completely de‑identified) medical records to the project.

Western Health’s Annette de Jager said the tool was built to emulate the workplace and provide a mechanism for users to ‘practise and develop clinical coding skills’.

‘The CCTT will be a key resource for Victoria to support the more effective training of clinical coders and develop a sustainable and skilled coding workforce,’ Ms de Jager said.

‘There will be opportunities for health services, educators, students and the broader workforce to participate and learn about the tool.’

The project is part of the Regional and Specialist Training Fund, which is a Department of Education and Training funding stream that supports training across regional industries and local communities.

The CCTT will be used by people undertaking the Certificate IV in clinical classification (22274VIC) and as professional development for the existing clinical coding workforce.