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March 2011

New nurses using lifting machine jpeg
New nurse graduates Leslie Piper, Jenna Pritchett and Colleen Leonavicius. (Picture courtesy of the Latrobe Valley Express.)

Latrobe Regional Hospital welcomes new graduates

Twenty new nursing graduates started their careers at Latrobe Regional Hospital.

The graduates, who bring a range of experiences and backgrounds to the role, have a commitment to nursing in common.

LRH Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Clinical Services Amanda Cameron welcomed the graduates.

‘For the graduate nurses, this is a consolidation of their university education and learning,’ Ms Cameron said.

‘For the hospital, these graduates secure a sustainable workforce into the future.’

The one-year graduate nurse program will see the new nurses working in four areas of the hospital, rotating throughout the year.

The new nurses are supported by senior staff over the year, learning through practice and theory.

They also come together for study days involving lectures and hands-on training sessions.

The graduates have completed a Bachelor of Nursing degree, most having studied at Monash University Gippsland.

Graduate nurse program co-ordinator Jennie Wood said the graduates would experience many firsts this year – including their first emergency.

‘There will also be their first experience of shift work, doing night shift and late/early shifts,’ Ms Wood said.

‘Those things will not be easy for the graduates but they will have their first experience of the camaraderie of working on and belonging to a ward.

‘As students, they would come in to the hospital, do their work placement and leave.

‘Now they have the opportunity to build a rapport with their workmates and benefit from the support that comes with that.’

Ms Wood said hospital patients reacted positively to the new graduates.

‘They are supportive of the graduates and interested in how they are finding the job.

‘They appreciate that everyone has to start somewhere.’   

A further 12 graduates will start at the hospital in April.