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December 2018

2 men with healthy food, saying no to junk food jpeg
WDHS support services group manager John Hedley and CEO Fitzgerald say no to unhealthy eating options.

Hamilton gives green light to healthy menu

A regional Victorian hospital is the first in Australia to adopt a totally ‘green’ cafeteria menu as it steps up the fight against obesity.

Western District Health Service (WDHS), based in Hamilton, is banning the sale of fatty and sweet foods.

It has ditched the deep fryer and all fat and sugar laden ‘amber’ and ‘red’ foods, as classified according to Victorian Healthy Choices ‘traffic light’ guidelines.

‘Many organisations are employing the traffic light system to help people make more informed food choices,’ said Chief Executive Officer Rohan Fitzgerald.

‘We’re taking that one step further and will offer only ‘green’ items that are fresh, tasty and healthy.’

Early trials of ‘green’ recipes are proving popular.

Head of WDHS food services John Hedley said staff and visitors were enjoying the move to a green menu.

‘We’ve been gradually moving away from traditional cafeteria fare, fine-tuning and trialling recipes for months,’ Mr Hedley said.

‘There’s quite a lot of scope within the ‘green’ guidelines to create delicious, fresh, healthy food and we’ve had great feedback.’

Mr Hedley said the move to green had taken a huge effort, requiring the modification of more than 150 recipes but WDHS hoped to guide other organisations across the country to implement similar changes through the development of a ‘go green toolkit.’

The healthy eating advisory service has supported the move.

Dietitian Emily Scott said the service applauded WDHS’ commitment to promoting healthy eating in the local community.

‘I’m sure their robust approach will influence similar healthy changes throughout Victoria’s health sector,’ Ms Scott said.