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December 2012

hi-5 members jpeg
Hi-5’s Lauren Brant, Stevie Nicholson, Tim Maddren, Casey Burgess and Fely Irvine.

All smiles for kids’ fave group Hi-5

Children’s musical group Hi-5 has been awarded the Dental Health Services Victoria 2012 Smile of the Year award.

DHSV Community Advisory Committee Chair Kellie-Ann Jolly said Hi-5 was selected because it presented positive role models for young children and promoted a healthy lifestyle.

‘Hi-5 encourages children to be happy and healthy.

‘They know how important it is for children to look after their teeth and gums and are passionate about spreading dental health messages to the community.’

Hi-5 members were thrilled to receive the award.

‘We were very excited to be chosen to share sparkly teeth secrets with the kids of Australia,’ said group member Stevie Nicholson.

‘Clean your teeth twice a day, have regular dental checkups and drink lots of water – it’s so easy!’

Casey Burgess said she wanted children to know that healthy eating could be fun.

‘Fresh fruit and veggies are yummy and there are lots of ways to make eating them fun.

‘All of us at Hi-5 want you to Eat Well, Drink Well and Clean Well every day.

‘Your teeth and mouths are so important, so take good care of them.’

The group was presented with a trophy and grace the cover of the 2012 Oral Health for Better Health magazine.

The DHSV Smile of the Year Award is presented annually to an Australian celebrity who presents a positive role model to the Victorian community.

Hi-5 has been entertaining young audiences since 1999.

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