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Health status of Victorians

The Health Intelligence Unit (HIU) provides high quality information about the health of the Victorian population. This information is used to inform policy development and planning efforts to improve health services and to monitor the health of the population.

Current activities

Victorian Population Health Survey 2013

Interviews are currently being conducted in December 2013 and January 2014.

Victorian Population Health Survey 2011/12

Local government area survey report scheduled for release in early 2014.

Victorian Population Health Survey 2012

State-wide survey report scheduled for release in 2014.

Data and reports

Victorian Population Health Survey 2010 report

Information in the report is presented on health and lifestyle, including physical activity levels, smoking prevalence, alcohol consumption, intake of fruit and vegetables, selected health and screening checks, body weight, asthma and diabetes prevalence, psychological distress and social networks.

See Victorian Population Health Survey 2010 report.

Victorian Health Monitor reports (physical and biomedical risk factor and nutrition reports)

This Victorian Health Monitor report presents, for the first time, measured baseline physical and biomedical information for Victoria on chronic disease risk factors.

Interactive website-VHISS-updated with VPHS findings

The Victorian Health Information Surveillance System (VHISS) is an interactive website displaying selected public health indicators.

Key functions of Health Intelligence Unit:

The HIU undertakes a variety of health intelligence activities to support these functions, including: