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2014 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards - 10th celebration of the best of Victorian healthcare

The 2014 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards were presented at a gala ceremony on 13 October. Awards were presented for outstanding achievement by the State's health sector across a number of categories including patient-centred care, healthcare innovation and health leadership. The Premier's Health Service of the Year Awards, the highest honour of the program, were also presented to metropolitan, regional, rural and primary health services.


2014 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards - Segment 1 - Introduction
Speaker 1: I leave these evenings in awe of public healthcare delivery in this state. The efforts of people, extraordinary and ordinary, working together, deliver extraordinary care right throughout this state.

Speaker 2: Almost from the top to the bottom, people are in the system because they believe in both addressing health inequity and ensuring that the entire population has access to the best possible health standards that are available.

Speaker 3: I guess people don't necessarily come into this kind of work for massive amounts of wealth. They come in because they want to effect change. It's not about buildings, it's not about machines; it's actually about the people and what they need.

Speaker 1: This year, we celebrate ten years of healthcare awards. That's a remarkable achievement and it is amazing how they have survived, prospered and grown over that ten year period.

Speaker 4: Well, we didn't think we're going to win. We're up against the big health services because, you know, we're from [indistinct 1:33]. So, it was just amazing to win.

Speaker 5: Because, at the time that we were doing this work, it was very new. We had to fight a bit to get heard and, I think, winning the award for us, showed what we were doing meant something.

Speaker 6: It's lovely to hear patients give positive feedback. When it's your peers, it just adds this glow to the award.

Speaker 7: At the time, it had been such a busy establishment phase, it was a really valuable opportunity to stop and look and what we've done but it gave us the [indistinct 2:04] to move on because we had looked at that data and gone well, what were the things that were working and what are our priorities going forward.

2014 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards - Segment 2 - Programs
Speaker 1: Healthcare delivery in Victoria is delivered through many settings, from tertiary hospitals, through to small primary care services in metropolitan Melbourne, provincial cities and small rural communities. And, we want the awards to be a celebration of the commitment across that broad spectrum.

Speaker 2: The problem that we're trying to combat is antibiotic resistance.

Speaker 3: We ran a service that was solace. It wasn't a nice place to live. If I wouldn't live there, why would the people with dementia live there?

Speaker 4: A lot of these guys that come in, don't have their own social networks. They've lost them through illness, injury, retirement.

Speaker 5: And the point of the program is to help patients and their families think about and talk about what they want in the future, if they couldn't speak for themselves.

Speaker 1: I think people like to be associated with the judging of the healthcare awards. Firstly because they've got a commitment to public healthcare delivery in this state but, secondly, they are excited by the commitment, the passion and the innovation which comes through in the applications, which they read, as part of the judging panel.

Speaker 6: We assertively go and find those people that aren't accessing the mainstream services.

Speaker 7: So, for people working in aged care facilities, for example, we can introduce the staff to the experience of what it's like to live with dementia.

Speaker 8: It's about prevention, it's about early intervention and supporting families and supporting schools so that they were better equipped to be able to work with those children.

2014 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards - Segment 3 - Workers
Speaker 1: At the end of each healthcare awards, one can't help but be overwhelmed and impressed by the commitment, the dedication and the good care that is provided by those involved in public healthcare delivery right across Victoria.

Speaker 2: It's actually quite humbling to work in a sector where there are so many people that are driven by their values, who are really motivated and committed to do what they do.

Speaker 3: It's not about the money. It's not about the accolades. It is about helping other people from one situation and stepping up to a better.

Speaker 4: I see staff who are called by local council that there is somebody sleeping on the foreshore at St Kilda and they've been there for a couple of days and our staff will go and engage with them. And, if on the first day, individuals - they don't want to talk, they don't. We go back the second day and sometimes the third and the fourth.

Speaker 1: Healthcare is a complex service and, I think, what we've found throughout the healthcare awards, overwhelmingly, people go the extra mile to support and treat those who are dependent on them.

Speaker 5: I found resources within myself that I actually didn't think I had, so I've been able to develop, not only as a professional which is also very important, but as an individual.

Speaker 6: I've learnt that sometimes things take a lot longer than what you expect but just keep on at it and things do change and, I think, that we've seen that very much with our program.

2014 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards - Segment 4 - Clients
Speaker 1: An additional criteria for the judging panels is how well services that have nominated - how well have they engaged and empowered their patients or their consumers in the delivery of healthcare for those individuals.

Speaker 2: Your life's on hold, waiting for that call. You can't lead the life you want to lead because you're stuck on a machine every second night. You're wondering where are you going to be at in five years because you don't know if you're going to get that call. You don't know if you're going to get that opportunity.

Speaker 3: You meet many people who have been to the depths of despair. They come out of that depth of despair with a lot of wisdom and, certainly, a lot of humour.

Speaker 4: I have been able to speak about things that really I haven't spoken to anyone else about. I've sort of been given permission, in a way to, to feel bad. I didn't have to try and be brave with these people.

Speaker 5: The sorts of conversations that I have with them and the sorts of things I'm able to do is very uplifting for me. I get to hear and be part of somebody's life and, often, that's quite a vulnerable time period and it's not something most people would get the opportunity.

Speaker 6: In the other centre, you have to fit in to a routine, whereas I create my routine. It means I'm an individual.

Speaker 7: Often, I meet people when they're very unwell and their life doesn't seem to be panning out the way that they wanted it to and it's an enormous privilege to be able to be involved in the most intimate moments of people's lives and improve it for them.

Speaker 8: And it's just helping me, in my own mind, to get better and to look forward. You wake up every morning - it's another day. You're just feeling a little bit better about yourself and when the afternoon comes, you're feeling more better. In the evenings, you're feeling better again.

2014 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards - Segment 5 - Innovation
Speaker 1: When the judging panel is looking at an application which is highlighting innovation, it's important to, not only is that innovation sustainable and verifiable, but also that it is transferrable across settings and across geography. That's been a critical aspect of improvement in healthcare delivery throughout the ages.

Speaker 2: There's never going to be enough money to do everything that anyone would think of and I think it's important, in terms of improving how we do things, the way we do things, trying to be as responsible as we can for the healthcare dollar.

Speaker 3: Programs emerge out of new ideas because many of the wicked problems that government deals with, they don't have the simple answers and what we try to encourage, at a grassroots level, is that general commitment and willingness to have a go, to see whether it makes a difference to people on the ground.

Speaker 4: The people on the floor actually know how to make a difference and how to make it better and let's support them and encourage them and allow them to be those innovative, creative, amazing staff that they are.

Speaker 5: For those few who need extraordinary efforts to make things happen to guarantee survival or to make life better, to have access to something which is beyond the standard, which is not evidence-based, which is new and innovative and where people need to go to make their step into an unknown world.

Speaker 6: I'd like to see us continue to maintain our position on the cutting edge of research and in the delivery of patient care that really is of an international standard. There really is no better healthcare anywhere.

For the full list of winners from the 2014 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards, please see below.

To commemorate the 10th celebration of the Awards, a number of short videos were made to reflect on the achievements of entrants over the past decade.

We would like to thank the following people who are featured in the videos:

The Hon Rob Knowles AO, Chair of Judges, Victorian Public Healthcare Awards, Damian Ferrie - CEO, Inner South Community Health (Winning project: Dental care for marginalised high need client group), Suzanne Lim - Project Manager, Eastern Health (Winning project: Kool Kids, Positive Parents), Catherine Morley - CEO Rural Northwest Health (Winning project: Person-centred care in the Wattle Dementia Unit...and beyond), Karen Detering - Austin Health (Winning project: Respecting Patient Choices), Bernarda Cavka - Orthopaedics Physiotherapist - Melbourne Health (Winning project: Joint replacement surgery reviews conducted by physiotherapists: a safe and effective model), Robin Curwen-Walker - Cancer Survivorship Officer - Austin Health (Winning project: Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre), Allen Cheng - Medical Lead, Infection Prevention Unit, Alfred Health (Winning project: Antimicrobial Stewardship: Improving the quality of antimicrobial prescribing), John Baarsma - Program Coordinator - Peninsula Health (Winning project: The Men's Shed and Men Behaving Positively), Jack Sach - General Manager Strategic Initiatives - Alzheimer's Australia (Winning project: BrainyApp - using interactive technology to facilitate dementia risk reduction behaviour), Vince - Consumer (Winning project: Yooralla - Austin Health), Corrine - Consumer (Winning project: The Cottage - Sister Francesca Healy Cottage - St Vincent's Melbourne).

Healthcare Innovation Awards

Optimising the health status of Victorians
Gold winner Incolink 'Drink Safe Mate' Binge Drinking Prevention Project

Silver winner Northern Melbourne Medicare Local, Pfizer Australia, in partnership with Dianella Community Health and Quit Victoria A coordinated approach to tackling smoking rates in a highly populated Arabic speaking community

Highly commended Barwon South Western Regional Integrated Cancer Service The Barwon South West Survivorship Project: Improving the health and wellbeing of survivors of cancer

Excellence in supporting self-managed healthcare
Gold winner Monash Health Dandenong Young Adult Diabetes Service: Implementation of patient centred innovation

Silver winner Melbourne Health Reducing chest pain presentations in the emergency department

Highly commended Diabetes Australia - Vic OzDAFNE: a structured self-management program improving biomedical and psychological outcomes for adults with type 1 diabetes

Excellence in person-centred care
Gold winner Melbourne Health Innovative physical health program in community mental health

Silver winner The Royal Children's Hospital Not just sick kids: Treating patients as people through arts-based learning

Highly commended Monash Health Refugee health: Achieving excellence in responsive person-centred care

Excellence in quality healthcare
Gold winner Alfred Health A new program for the rapid deployment of extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation for the treatment of patients in cardiac arrest

Silver winner Austin Health Peripheral intravenous line safety initiative

Highly commended Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Implementation of a whole-of-hospital sepsis pathway

Excellence in service provision
Gold winner Peninsula Health

Caring for the homeless on the peninsula

Silver winner Paediatric Integrated Cancer Service and Monash Health

Responding to family and patient needs – changing service delivery from hospital to home, family-centred care at its best

Highly commended Gippsland Lakes Community Health

10 years swimming upstream, look how far we’ve come

Optimising healthcare through e-health & communications technology
Gold winner Monash Health

Telemedicine enabling chemotherapy in the home

Silver winner The Royal Children's Hospital

Like! A social approach to optimising child and adolescent health

Highly commended Australian Breastfeeding Association and Small World Social

Breastfeeding Support Project

Ministers' Awards

Outstanding achievement by an individual or team in healthcare
Winner Ambulance Victoria Emergency and health response to the Hazelwood open cut mine fire
Highly commended Austin Health Deteriorating Patient Leadership Team
Highly commended Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre BRCA Genotyping Project: rewriting the ovarian cancer rules
Outstanding achievement by an individual or team in mental healthcare
Winner Forensicare Julie Dempsey
Highly commended Barwon Health Eating Disorder Service
Private hospital excellence
Winner Cabrini Health Limited Emergency department follow-up phone call service
Highly commended Epworth HealthCare Group C.A.R.E: multidisciplinary falls prevention intervention program for a rehabilitation setting
Highly commended St John of God Ballarat Hospital Emergency health services admission availability in the Grampians Region
Mental health educator excellence
Winner headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation SAFEMinds
 Mental health employer excellence
Winner CitiPower and Powercor Mental Health Program: awareness, prevention and early intervention
Highly commended Clean Force Property Services A sustainable social enterprise
Highly commended Lend Lease Mental health campaign
Health Lifetime Achievement Award
Awardee Austin Health Associate Professor Larry McNicol
Awardee The Royal Children's Hospital Professor Dinah Reddihough AO
Awardee Monash Health Professor Euan Morrisson Wallace AM

Health Leaders' Awards

Premier's Award for advancing healthcare – putting patients first
Winner St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne Nutrition Project Working Group
Highly commended Melbourne Health, Monash Health, Austin Health, Melbourne Private, Eastern Health, Western Health, Victorian Tissue Typing and Immunogenetics Service Coordination of Australia’s largest paired kidney exchange
Highly commended Monash Health Emergency Care Team: bottom up meets top down leadership to revolutionise emergency care
Minister for Health's Award for achieving a highly capable & engaged workforce
Winner cohealth and the University of Melbourne REACH: A student led primary care initiative, delivered through a unique partnership between students, cohealth and the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
Highly commended Austin Health Dr Andrew Scanlon - Neurosurgery Nurse Practitioner
Highly commended Western Health The Registered Training Organisation Team
Minister for Mental Health's Award for delivering innovative alcohol & drug or mental healthcare
Winner Monash Health Dr Melissa Casey and Professor David Clarke, Agile Psychological Medicine Team
Highly commended Eastern Health Acute Aged Persons Mental Health Unit (South Ward)
Highly commended UnitingCare ReGen Methamphetamine Project - ReGen Withdrawal Services Team
Secretary's Award for improving patient outcomes and patient experience
Winner Barwon Health, Alfred Health and The Royal Children’s Hospital Collaborating to improve regional critical care: saving lives
Highly commended Monash Health Interventional Radiology Team: Leading an image guided venous access port service
Highly commended Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Cardiopulmonary Prehabilitation Clinic at Peter Mac: turning the humble exercise bike into a cancer fighting machine

Premier's Health Service of the Year Awards

Primary health service of the year
Winner Banyule Community Health
Rural health service of the year
Winner Yarrawonga Health
Highly commended West Wimmera Health Service
Regional health service of the year
Winner Northeast Health Wangaratta
Highly commended Echuca Regional Health
Metropolitan health service of the year
Winner Eastern Health
Winner Western Health
Highly commended Alfred Health
Highly commended Dental Health Services Victoria