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Services and funding

Page content: Who is eligible? | Who funds HACC? | What services are available? | How do you apply for services? | Funding arrangements

Who is eligible?

The HACC program is designed to support people whose capacity for independent living is at risk, or who are at risk of premature or inappropriate admission to long-term residential care. Eligibility does not depend on age or income. However, not all those eligible are able to receive an immediate service. HACC providers use priority of access guidelines to manage demand for services.

Who funds HACC?

The program is jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian governments in a 60/40 ratio. The budget for 2012-13 is about $598.1 million from both governments, including an additional $66.5 million from the Victorian Government. Local governments also make substantial contributions to total resources. Clients generally pay fees for HACC services. For further information download the HACC Fees Policy document.

What services are available?

The main types of service are listed below. They are described in detail in the Victorian HACC Program Manual 2013.

  • Domestic assistance (home help or housekeeping)
  • Personal care
  • Nursing (community nursing, home nursing)
  • Allied health services (physiotherapy, podiatry, dietetics, etc)
  • Food services (meals on wheels and centre-based meals)
  • Planned activity groups
  • Property maintenance
  • Respite services
  • Linkages packages
  • Friendly visiting, Telelink, respite and transport services provided by volunteers.

How do you apply for services?

Enquiries can be made to any agency that provides HACC services. There are about 470 such agencies in Victoria. (The Department of Health does not directly provide HACC services or assess people for eligibility. However, Department of Health regional offices are a point of contact for information about service providers, funding arrangements, agency training, and complaints procedures.)

Direct enquiries about obtaining a HACC service can be made to these agencies:

  • Local councils are major providers of HACC services throughout Victoria. Your council provide a comprehensive assessment of your needs and can arrange referrals to other providers if necessary.

  • Community health centres provide physiotherapy, podiatry and other allied health services. To find your nearest community health centre, please refer to the Human Services Directory or the Funded Agency Channel.

  • The Royal District Nursing Service is the main provider of home nursing in metropolitan Melbourne. The RDNS can provide a comprehensive assessment of your needs and can arrange referrals if necessary.

  • In regional Victoria, the local hospital or community health centre is generally a provider of HACC home nursing. Please contact your local Department of Health regional office for more information.

  • Ethnic organisations and Aboriginal organisations directly provide some HACC services and can generally offer advice and referrals to others. Please contact your local DH regional office for more information.

  • Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS) provide comprehensive assessments for frail older people in order to help them access services that are appropriate to their care needs. ACAS will arrange referrals to HACC providers, if this is appropriate, following assessment. There are eighteen ACAS teams in Victoria. Please visit the Australian Government Department of Health and the Australian Department of Social Services to find out more about what ACAS do and how to contact them.

Funding arrangements

The HACC program funds approximately 470 agencies in Victoria to deliver services to eligible people.

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Last updated: 24 February, 2015
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