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Fees and Charges for Acute Health Services in Victoria
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Fees and Charges for Acute Health Services in Victoria: A Handbook for Public Hospitals compiles Departmental policy on fees and charges for services provided by public hospitals. Each section contains references to relevant legislation or publications, and concludes with the date of effect of the fees. The Fees Manual contains links to select Commonwealth and State circular and publication sites.

The handbook benefits service providers by ensuring that information used on a regular basis is available in a convenient form. This circumvents the need to refer to statutes and to thumb through copious quantities of correspondence and circulars from the Department. However, the handbook does not replace the statutory law and should not be regarded as a legal document.

In February 1999, the handbook was launched on Victoria's Department of Human Service's Internet site. This provides considerable practical benefits to users.

Hospital Circulars

Hospital Circulars Internet website:

Throughout this handbook, State Department Circulars issued by the Metropolitan Health & Aged Care Services Division are denoted by a Circular No and date of issue. Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing Circulars issued by the Private Health Industry Branch are prefixed "HBF" prior to April 2003 and PHI from 1 April 2003.

See details of agency responsibilities with respect to accessing changes to public hospital fees and charges.

Last updated: 16 January, 2014

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