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Fees and Charges for Acute Health Services in Victoria
Fees Manual Home
Section A: Admitted Patients
Section B: Non-Admitted Patients
Section C: Other Services
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Welcome to the 'Fees Manual'


Agency Responsibilities

Section A: Fees for Admitted Patients

  1. Admitted Patients
  2. Public Admitted Patients
  3. Private Admitted Patients

    3.1 Overnight Stay Patients
    3.2 Same Day Patients
    3.3 Patient Election Procedures
    3.4 New Prostheses Arrangements

  4. Department of Veterans' Affairs Patients

    4.1 DVA Funding Arrangements

  5. Compensable (excluding WorkCover and TAC recipients) Patients
  6. WorkCover Patients

    6.1 Fees
    6.2 Admission Criteria
    6.3 Description of Fees
    6.4 Provisional statements
    6.5 WorkCover statement & forwarding of invoices

  7. TAC Patients

    7.1 Invoicing TAC for activity
    7.2 How the payment process works
    7.3 TAC Payment Overview
    7.4 TAC Patient Types

    7.4.1 Acute admitted Patients
    7.4.2 Emergency Department (ED) only attendance fee
    7.4.3 Rehabilitation Patients
    7.4.4 Other Admitted Patients
    7.4.5 Trauma Patients
    7.4.6 Other TAC Patient Types

    7.5 Payment Rates
    7.6 New hospital resource section on the TAC website

  • Eligible (including Reciprocal Health Care) & Ineligible Patients
  • Nursing Home Type Patients
  • Section B: Fees for Non-Admitted Patients

    1. Fees and Charges for Non-Admitted Patients
    2. Dental Fees
    3. Pharmaceutical Fees

    4. Compensable Non-Admitted Patient Fees
      (TAC, Worksafe & Other Compensables - in Outpatients, Casualty & A&E)

      Fee Schedule 1 (Allied Health) | Fee Schedule 2 (Medical Services)

    Section C: Fees for Other Services

    1. Residential Aged Care Service Fees
    2. Community Health Services
    3. Transition Care Program
    4. Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme (VPTAS)
    5. Provision of Aids and Equipment and Domiciliary Oxygen
    6. Prisoners



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