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Licences and permits

Table of Fees 1 July 2012

The new fees will apply to a new application for a licence or permit and an amendment to an existing licence or permit where a re-inspection is mandated, eg. change of premises, change of ownership (legal entity), or addition of poisons schedules.

For more information, see the following document:

  Table of Fees 1 July 2012

Application processing time

The following must be received by the Department, completed in full, before the Department can begin to process an application:

After all completed documents and the relevant application fee are received, in most circumstances, a Department officer will contact the applicant to arrange an appointment to visit the premises to which the application relates, to ensure that there is capability to comply with legislative requirements.

The officer may identify deficiencies during the visit. If so, the application cannot proceed any further until documented evidence has been received by the Department that the deficiencies have been rectified.

From that time, it may take up to an additional six weeks for the application process to be completed.

Processing time may be reduced substantially if there are no document errors and any identified deficiencies are rectified promptly.

Application forms and poison control plans

See the following pages for all relevant application forms, guides and poison control plans to obtain:

Wholesale Licence
To sell or supply by wholesale.

Manufacture and Wholesale licence
To manufacture and sell or supply by wholesale.

Manufacture and Retail licence
To manufacture and sell or supply by retail.

Health Services Permit
To purchase or obtain poisons or controlled substances for use for the provision of health services.

Industrial, Educational, Advisory or Research Permits
To purchase or obtain poisons or controlled substances for use for industrial, educational, advisory or research purposes.

Schedule 2 Poisons Retail Licence
To sell Schedule 2 poisons by retail if more than 25km from the nearest pharmacy business.

1080 Poison manufacture and supply licence
Includes guidance on licensing requirements for all 1080 products including 1080 pest animal baits, together with the application form, responsible person form and poisons control plan format for applications to manufacture and sell or supply perishable 1080 pest animal baits produced under APVMA permit.