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Men’s health and wellbeing

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Men in Victoria enjoy a good level of health by international standards. They have the highest life expectancy of men in any Australian state, and one of the highest in the world. However, compared to women, they have a lower life expectancy, far higher rates of avoidable and premature mortality, and higher mortality from most common conditions, including coronary heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, suicide and injuries.

These outcomes are connected with important differences in the lifestyles of men and women, the way men understand and relate to their own health, and their patterns and preferences in engaging with health services. 

The Victorian Health Priorities Framework 2012-22: Metropolitan Health Plan (May 2011) includes a commitment to review the men’s health strategy released in 2010 as a priority for the Department. This work is currently underway.


Improving service responses for men seminar - June 2013

As part of men’s health week 2013 the department ran a seminar entitled Improving service responses for men: why and how. The seminar featured three experts who discussed innovative service responses that can more effectively engage men and research about why this is necessary and how it can be most effective.

The audio and transcripts of these presentations are available below.

Introduction - Pam Williams
Pam Williams is the Director of the Policy Coordination and Projects Branch in the Department of Health and was the chair of the event.

audio file Pam Williams presentation (mp3 file, 5.6mb, 4min 47sec)

  Pam Williams audio transcript
Professor Gary Dowsett presentation
Professor Gary Dowsett is the Acting Director, of the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, at La Trobe University and author of more than 80 book chapters and academic papers. He has worked as a consultant and advisor to WHO, UNDP and UNAIDS, and in 2005 was awarded a five-year VicHealth Fellowship researching masculinity, sexuality and health. He explores the notion of masculinity employed in public health in relation to prostate cancer and HIV/AIDS.

audio file Gary Dowsett presentation (mp3 file, 21.7mb, 26min 28sec)

  Gary Dowsett audio transcript
Tass Mousaferiadis presentation
Tass Mousaferiadis is the Mens Program Leader at beyondblue and has 25 years experience working across a range of management and policy areas in government, advising government ministers, and serving on the boards of a number of metropolitan health services. He discusses beyondblues new campaign known as Man Therapy as well as research on mens help seeking behaviours and attitudes.

  Tass Mousaferiadis PowerPoint presentation

audio file Tass Mousaferiadis presentation (mp3 file, 12.8mb, 17min 31sec)

  Tass Mousaferiadis audio transcript
Dr Jeff Young presentation
Dr Jeff Young is Director of the Bouverie Centre at Latrobe University and has worked, published and presented in the area of Mental Health for over 25 years. He has been the President of the Victorian Association of Family Therapists. Jeff talks about approaches developed at the Bouverie Centre to engage reluctant rural men, including No Bullshit Therapy and single session therapy.

  Jeff Young PowerPoint presentation

audio file Jeff Young presentation (mp3 file, 15.8mb, 20min 24sec)

  Jeff Young audio transcript

Engaging Men in Healthcare seminar - June 2011

In association with Mens Health Week in June 2011, the department hosted a seminar entitled Engaging Men in Healthcare. The seminar was opened by Minister for Health David Davis and brought together a number of experts to discuss how health promotion, policy and services can be more effective when informed by a clearer understanding of mens differing health needs.

Two of these presentations are available below.

Peter Strange presentation
Peter Strange is a Nurse Practitioner (Men’s Health) at the Bendigo Community Health Service. This highly successful model brings together men’s community and work place health promotion initiatives with a male friendly health clinic, to better address the needs of rural men.

  Peter Strange Bendigo Community Health Service - presentatio

audio file Peter Strange presentation - MP3 audio (18min 43sec)

Peter Strange presentation - audio transcript (DOC, 57kB)

Greg Malcher presentation
Greg Malcher is a GP and former National Convenor of GPs4Men (Australian GPs Network for Men’s Health), which ran from 2002-2009. He has written articles on engaging men in health care that have examined men's differing ways of approaching their health and consuming health care.

 Greg Malcher - presentation

audio file Greg Malcher presentation - MP3 audio (17min 47sec)

Greg Malcher presentation - audio transcript (DOC, 57kB)


Men’s health background paper

The department released a background paper in May 2010 that provided the first comprehensive picture of the health and wellbeing of Victorian men. The background paper identified key health issues affecting Victorian men and set out a framework and principles for responding to these.

  Men's health background paper - full

  Men's health background paper - summary

Summary of consultation for development of the mens strategic directions

A stakeholder consultation and submission process, based on the background paper above, was undertaken in mid-2010. The summary, available below, describes the key findings identified through this process.

  Victorian Men's health and wellbeing strategy - Summary of consultation

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