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Victorian health incident management system (VHIMS)

The Victorian health incident management system (VHIMS) is a collaborative project between the department, Victorian health services and other key stakeholder groups. The 12-month statewide implementation of VHIMS was completed in February 2011.

The Victorian health incident management policy outlines health services and Department of Health roles and responsibilities in relation to incident management.

VHIMS: Improving quality through incident management

VHIMS addresses the importance of incident data collection and analysis at a local and statewide level. Data provided to the Department of Health will be used to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the type, frequency and severity of clinical incidents.

Importantly, data on contributing and preventative factors will be analysed and lessons learned will be shared, so that quality improvement initiatives can be targeted where required.

VHIMS data specification

The VHIMS data specification is a comprehensive data set that provides health services with a standardised framework for collecting and classifying clinical incidents, occupational health and safety incidents, and consumer feedback information.

VHIMS is an incident reporting data set and taxonomy for use across publicly funded health services. By ensuring each health service and agency uses the same data set at a local level, there will be an ability to collect statewide incident data.

VHIMS also consolidates a number of Department of Health program reporting requirements into one data collection. This will enable health services and agencies to meet a range of program, time-based and statutory reporting requirements.

For an overview of the VHIMS dataset:

  Victorian Health Incident Management System (VHIMS) data set specification - An overview

VHIMS resources

The Department of Health has developed a range of tools to assist health services and agencies to implement VHIMS.

The Department of Health has developed two VHIMS information sheets:

  A guide to completing incident reports

  A guide to effectively reviewing incident reports

They are companion guides designed to introduce your staff to the principles of writing and reviewing incident reports. Please use them to supplement your existing training materials.