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Clinicians Health Channel


Access With Secure Login

The main way to access Clinicians Health Channel (CHC) resources is through a simple sign-on system called Athens. Using Athens you can login securely and have access to all CHC content with a single username and password, from any computer with an internet connection.

To use the CHC resources when working offsite (away from your hospital or institution) or if you wish to apply for access to any of the CHC Mobile services, you must have an Athens account.

Can I register for an Athens account?
The following requirements have been outlined by the Department of Health Victoria, to determine if you are eligible to register for an Athens account:

  1. You must be a health professional employed in the Victorian public health sector or work in an agency primarily funded by the Department of Health, Victoria. This includes hospitals, health services, mental health services and community health centres
  2. You can either register onsite at your workplace, or offsite, provided that you can supply the email address issued to you by your employer
  3. You must supply a valid email address to receive your username and password
  4. Students are not permitted to register for a CHC Athens Account. If you believe you would benefit from accessing CHC electronic resources and you are a student on long-term placement at  a valid organisation, you are invited to apply for special consideration by contacting the CHC HelpDesk
  5. All sections within the Athens registration form that are marked with an asterisk (*) require an answer.

If you have already registered for an Athens account with your email address, you will not be able to register for a second account using the same email address. Please contact the CHC HelpDesk for assistance.

Register for a CHC Athens account

How to create a password/activate your Athens account
After you have registered you will automatically receive an email with your username (example: vicsbrown001) and a link to activate your account. Clicking on the activation link will allow you to create your own password. Once the activation link has been used to create a password it cannot be used again.
How to use your Athens username and password to access the CHC resources
To access the CHC resources using your Athens username and password, please be sure you are in the ‘Remote access (A-Z)’ or ‘Remote access (by category)’ tab on the CHC homepage and select the resource you wish to access.
Athens account expiry
Your Athens account is valid for 12 months from the date of initial registration, unless you are on a temporary contract. You will be prompted via email to re-register (renew and activate) your Athens details 30 days prior to your account expiry date. If you have registered a personal email address, you will need to carry out the re-registration process onsite at work. For further information on CHC Athens re-registration please visit the Help & Training page or contact the CHC Help Desk
MyAthens provides a portal with access links to all CHC resources. Your health service library may also subscribe to additional content, which can all be viewed within MyAthens in the All Resources list. You can also customise your MyAthens page to suit your preferences; such as creating a favourites list, most recently used resources, and add RSS feeds.

Click here to login to your MyAthens page.

For further information please visit the CHC Help & Training page