Department of Health and Human Services

Creating safety

The Victorian Quality Council (VQC), the Chief Psychiatrist and the Quality Assurance Committee supported the development and implementation of the Creating safety: Addressing Restraint and Seclusion Practices project to enable mental health clinicians to apply the best available evidence to clinical practice.

The project aimed to strengthen and support safety in mental health inpatient units and to reduce and eliminate wherever possible, the use of restraint and seclusion.

The project had two key components:

  1. The development and implementation of a training and education program to promote clinical best practice using a prevention and early intervention approach to avoid the use of restraint and seclusion wherever possible

  2. Developing and implementing a restraint and seclusion reduction strategy at six selected pilot inpatient units and sharing learning through this process.

Training Resources

Creating Violence Free and Coercion Free Mental Health Treatment Environments for the Reduction of Seclusion and Restraint - National Technical Assistance Center

Module 1 - Welcome and Orientation - Setting the Stage (PDF File 385KB)

Module 2 - Current Assumptions Regarding Seclusion and Restraint Use (PDF File 909KB)

Module 3 - The Experience of Seclusion and Restraint (PDF File 497KB)

Module 4 - Treating Traumatized Individuals: Neurobiological & Psychological Effects of Trauma (PDF File 490KB)

Module 5.1 - Leadership Toward Organizational Change - A Core Strategy (PDF File 2.30MB)

Module 5.2 - Consumer Roles in Inpatient Settings - A Core Strategy (PDF File 170KB)

Module 6 - Trauma Informed Care (PDF File 240KB)

Module 7.1 - Workforce Development: Creating a Culture of Recovery for Staff: A Core Strategy (PDF File 699KB)

Module 7.2 - Elevating the Importance of Seclusion and Restraint: A Core Strategy (PDF File 336KB)

Module 8 - Identifying and Managing S/R Risk Factors: A Core Strategy (PDF File 676KB)

Module 9 - Seclusion/Restraint Prevention Tools A Core Strategy (PDF File 274KB)

Module 10 - Debriefing Activities A Core Strategies : A Tertiary Prevention Tool (PDF File 854KB)