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Cemetery trusts may apply to the department for a grant. The grants are intended for use where cemetery trusts do not have funds available for the required expenditure. Please note that the department does not provide financial assistance for the repairs/restoration of memorials, i.e. monuments or plaques.

The department assesses grant applications twice each financial year in September and March. Funding for successful grant applications is usually allocated the following month.

Application for a grant

To apply for a grant a cemetery trust must submit an application before any work commences.

Applications should include two quotes (GST inclusive) for the proposed expenditure and photos of the relevant area (where appropriate). If a trust is unable to obtain two quotes a written explanation outlining why this is not possible must be submitted with the application.

When applying for a grant for removal of trees from cemetery grounds, trusts need to demonstrate how they have addressed the necessary requirements (where appropriate) as outlined in the ‘Application for Removal of Trees from Cemetery Grounds’ form. This form will need to be completed and submitted with the ‘Application for Department of Health Grant’ form along with two quotes.

All requests will be assessed on the basis of the likely benefit they would bring to the cemetery and the total grant money available for the current year. Preference will be given to grants that are required to deal with OH&S issues.

The trust will be contacted if additional information is required, however, this may delay the grant application. To avoid such delays please read the Cemetery Grants Program Guidelines and the grant application information carefully (located below). Please ensure all relevant sections of the application form are completed.

Declined applications may be resubmitted in the next round of grants with an updated submission including additional information and new quotes if a cemetery trust wishes to apply again.

Partial grants

Depending on the total funds available and the nature of the applications received, occasionally, the department is unable to grant the full amount requested in an application.

Trusts that are provided with partial grants are expected to draw upon their own funds to complete the proposed works. Top up grants will not be provided for the same project in subsequent years.

Direct deposit form

If a grant application is approved, the funds will be deposited into a nominated cemetery trust bank account. The details for the Electronic Transfer of Payments form in the application must be completed.

Financial reporting and grant funding

Any grant money transferred to a trust must be spent within 4 months of allocation and appear in the following year’s Abstract of Accounts income and expenditure form. Trusts must fully account for the grant allocation by advising the department in writing when the grant is spent. For example:

Where departmental grants are not expended within 4 months of their allocation, the trust must advise the department in writing the reasons for the delay in expenditure and include a revised completion date. For example:

Cemetery grants program guidelines, grant applications - information sheet and application forms

Cemetery grants program guidelines

Information sheet - Application for a Department of Health grant for Victorian public cemetery trusts only

The following interactive grant application forms have been designed for completion online.

Application form for a cemetery grant - (interactive Word document and instructions for use)

Application form for removal of trees from cemetery grounds - (interactive Word document)

If you would prefer to complete the application form by hand, it is recommended that the following 'pdf' versions of these forms are printed and completed (as applicable), as spacing on the interactive forms may not be sufficient for a written response.

Application form for a grant (pdf)

Application form for removal of trees from cemetery grounds (pdf)