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Quality of Care reporting 2010-11-Safe use of blood and blood products

The annual quality of care reports are a key strategy to ensure accountability of health services, to promote changes in systems and professional practices, to provide consumers with information, and to establish a process that reports on and promotes continuous improvement.

A quality of care report describes the systems and processes in place in health services to monitor and improve quality. It emphasises what these systems do, particularly the results and outcomes of the monitoring, and the action taken as a result of any identified quality issues.

Quality performance indicators and other information on each of the minimum reporting requirements should also be included in annual quality of care reports. Safe use of blood and blood products has been included in the minimum reporting requirements for 2010-11.

There are many clinical and laboratory staff and processes involved in the safe use of blood and blood products.  The Quality of Care report is an opportunity to share your experiences and achievements, with the monitoring and improving the quality use of blood undertaken by your health service.

Blood Matters has produced a guiding document for your reporting of safe use of blood and blood products and is available

  Safe use of blood and blood products 2010-11 Quality of care report

Further information on reporting requirements is available at

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Last updated: 16 June, 2011
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