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Transfusion tools

Page contents: LA-Awareness | SA-Implementation | MA-Evaluation | EA-Excellence | OA-Leadership

The following transfusion tools have been aligned under the Australian Council on HealthCare Standard (ACHS) EQuIP 4.

Criterion 1.5.5 - The system for prescription, sample collection, storage and transportation and administration of blood and blood components ensures safe and appropriate practice.

These tools are to assist you in providing safe care and services in blood management. For information on (ACHS) EQuIP 4, see the Australian Council on HealthCare Standards website.

LA Level 1 = Little Achievement
SA Level 2 = Some Achievement
MA Level 3 = Moderate Achievement
EA Level 4 = Extensive Achievement
OA Level 5 = Outstanding Achievement.

LA - Awareness

  • Policies
    Examples of policy and procedures used in health services to promote good transfusion practice and blood management.
  • Guidelines
    Current national guidelines and criteria relating to blood and blood products for transfusion.
  • National Blood Supply Contingency Plan (NBSCP)
    The National Blood Supply Contingency Plan (NBSCP) was developed by the National Blood Authority in collaboration with Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS) and other relevant stakeholders to provide a guide to coordinate an appropriate national response in the event of a domestic threat or disaster that affects the provision of a safe and adequate blood supply in Australia.
  • Consent
    Examples of local consent tools and policy for transfusion.
  • Blood products
    Information and communication tools on blood and blood components
  • Transfusion equipment
    Protocol and communication tools to promote best practice around equipment used to perform a transfusion.
  • Transfusion Nurse/Trainers
    Example of job description and mentor information.
  • Blood sampling
    Protocol and communication tools to promote best practice around pre transfusion blood sampling
  • Forms
    Forms to improve documentation in prescription, request and administration of blood products.
  • General information posters
    Communication products to improve documentation in prescription, request and administration of blood products.

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SA - Implementation

  • Storage and Handling
    Protocol and communication tools to ensure the safe and recommended storage and transportation of Blood Components as per the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS) recommendations.
  • Learning Packages/Education
    Examples of credentialing and competency tools for clinical staff involved in transfusion practice.
  • Transfusion adverse events
    Protocol and communication tools to identify and report adverse events with transfusion.
  • Transfusion nurses
    Job description and other materials about transfusion nursing.
  • Consumer Information
    Examples of communication tools and muitilingual resources for providing written information to consumers who are prescribed a blood transfusion.

MA - Evaluation

EA - Excellence

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OA - Leadership

  • The organisation demonstrates that it is a leader in blood management systems and blood component practices.

Please note that all information and policies are only current at the time the tool is sent and individual hospitals should be contacted to ascertain current policies and practices. The tools are not endorsed by Blood Matters unless stated otherwise. Information sharing occurs on the understanding that due acknowledgement will be given to the original source. Permission should be sought from the original source before any policy, protocol or guidelines are used or applied in another setting.

To include any tools or provide feedback on tools available please contact:

Blood Matters Program
Linley Bielby

Tel: (61 3) 9096 9037

Address: Quality and Safety Programs
Statewide Quality Branch
Level 13, 50 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Vic 3001

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Last updated: 13 July, 2011
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