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Blood Matters

The Blood Matters – better safer transfusion program is a Victorian state government program for improving the quality and safety of hospital transfusion care to patients.

The work of the Blood Matters program is supported by the Blood Matters Advisory Committee, Secretariat, working groups and through collaboration with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS).

Report on Blood Storage and Handling Survey 2010

In 2010 the Blood Matters program invited hospitals in Victoria to participate in an audit of blood storage and handling.

A good response was received from the invited health services. The results have been collated into a report ‘Report on the blood storage and handling survey 2010’, and is available online at The report contains cumulative results for all participating hospitals and recommendations.

The purpose of the audit is to help improve the quality of care provided to patients by ensuring the appropriate storage and handling of blood and blood products (red blood cells and fresh frozen plasma) after issue from a laboratory/pathology service.

It is recommended that health services:
1. Review the online report and enclosed individual results through a clinical sub-group identified by the transfusion committee (or equivalent body) to inform local efforts for better, safer transfusion practice including subsequent self-audits and policy and education activities.

2. Distribute the audit results to the participating staff as a means of engaging clinicians to ensure effective action is taken on the data collected.

Such audits provide evidence of monitoring and evaluation for better, safer transfusion practice. The Australian Council for Healthcare Standards (ACHS) accreditation standard EQuIP Version 5 includes a transfusion specific criterion (1.5.5).

  Report on blood storage and handling survey 2010

If you have any comments or questions about this report, please contact Lisa Stevenson, Acting Blood Matters Program Manager on 9096 9037 or

Audit of blood transfusion policy, procedures and administration practice 2011

Extension for data collection and submission to Audit from 18 July 2011 to 8th August 2011

The audit has commenced with many hospitals already submitting data. Thank you to those participating in the audit and for the feedback we have been receiving at Blood Matters.

In response to the feedback, a one page Prospective Audit of Blood Product Administration Practice – template has been created to assist those facilities that have smaller transfusion numbers.

You will note the questions start at number 4. This is to align with the electronic entry and to make it easier when you are electronically submitting them.

  Form: audit of hospital blood product administration practice: one page template

If further information is required please contact:

Jo Perillo, Transfusion Education Nurse - Tel: 03 9096 1303 Lisa Stevenson, Transfusion Nurse- Tel: 03 9096 0476

Last updated: 13 July, 2011
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