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Heroin overdose prevention campaign

The Department of Health has developed a range of messages aimed at heroin users to increase knowledge and awareness of overdose risks associated with heroin use and increase users knowledge of ways to reduce the risks.

The campaign was developed in consultation with key stakeholders in the alcohol and drug field, in particular, needle and syringe programs.

The messages have been developed as posters, wallet cards and stickers to be distributed through Nedle and Syringe Programs (NSPs), primary health services and the general alcohol and drug sector over a five-month period.


Heroin overdose information suite 1 - tolerance

  Heroin overdose prevention initiative - tolerance infosheet

  A3 poster - If you've had a break....

  Sticker - If you've had a break

  Wallet card - If you've had a break

Heroin overdose information suite 2 - using alone

  Heroin overdose prevention initiative - using alone infosheet

  A3 poster - Using alone

  Sticker - Using alone

  Wallet card - Using alone

Heroin overdose information suite 3 - pills and heroin kill

  Heroin overdose prevention initiative - drug half-life overview

  A3 poster - It's hard to swallow but... pills & heroin kill

  Sticker - It's hard to swallow but... pills & heroin kill

  Wallet card - It's hard to swallow but... pills & heroin kill

Heroin overdose information suite 4 - purity

  Heroin overdose prevention initiative - purity overview

  A3 poster - Not all gear is the same

  Sticker - Not all gear is the same

  Wallet card - Not all gear is the same

Heroin overdose information suite 5 - treatment

  Heroin overdose prevention initiative - treatment overview

  A3 poster - Treament can open doors

  Sticker - Treatment can open doors

  Wallet card - Treatment can open doors

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