Department of Health and Human Services


Who can you call for help?

If you or someone you care about has an alcohol or drug problem, call DirectLine. 1800 888 236.

DirectLine provides 24-hour, 7-day counselling, information and referral.

At DirectLine, you can talk to professional counsellors who are experienced in alcohol and drug-related matters.

DirectLine is free, anonymous and confidential.

Counsellors can provide:
  • Immediate counselling and support, including crisis intervention

  • Support in dealing with the impact of drug use on the family

  • Assistance in developing strategies to deal with alcohol or drug problems

  • Information about how to reduce the harm associated with drug use

  • Information and referral to treatment and support services across Victoria

  • Links to further information and education resources

Information and referral

DirectLine counsellors can talk to you about the types of services and support options available in your local community.

SUpport may include services such as:
  • Individual counselling

  • Drug withdrawal services

  • Pharmacotherapy services (such as methadone and buprenorphine)

  • Self-help and peer support services

  • Needle and syringe collection and disposal services

  • Services and support for rural or isolated communities

  • Family, relationship and group counselling

Who can use DirectLine?

DirectLine is available to anyone in Victoria who is affected by an alcohol or drug problem.

It is a service for people of all ages and backgrounds-anyone in the community who is affected by alcohol or drug use.
  • People using drugs

  • Family members, relatives and friends of someone using drugs

  • Health and welfare professional