Department of Health and Human Services

Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Implementation Program

The Advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapy clinical education framework (1.1mb, pdf) (the framework) has been developed to support advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapy (AMP) services operating across outpatient departments and emergency departments of public health services in Victoria.

The framework includes a competency-based learning and assessment resource that has been developed and adapted from the allied health competency framework used at Monash Health. It is divided into a generic manual and a workbook specific to each area of advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapy practice.

The manual provides details about how the competency standards were developed, the pathway to achieve competency, mentoring and ongoing competency requirements across all the areas of AMP practice. The workbooks contain the relevant competency standards, corresponding scope of practice statement, assessment tools and resources required to complete the competency-based learning and assessments. See overview of framework (38kb, doc). There is a workbook for each of the following key areas of AMP practice:


In preparing the Advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapy clinical education framework there have been a number of people and organisations that have provided expertise and input.  For their contribution, we would like to acknowledge:

Finally, we would like to thank all physiotherapists who participated in the consultation process and provided input and expertise in developing the framework. Your time, effort and commitment is appreciated and greatly valued by the department.