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Ambulance fees

Ambulance Victoria's 2015-16 Fee Schedule

Effective from 1 August 2015

Ambulance Victoria is solely responsible for deciding which resource is best suited to transport a patient. Consideration is given to the patient's acuity and urgency, the location and availability of Ambulance Victoria's resources at the time of the request for transport and the most efficient use of Ambulance Victoria's resources.

Emergency Road Transport Fees 2015-16
  All users
Metropolitan Emergency Road   $1,146
Regional and Rural Emergency Road   $1,690


Metropolitan - stretcher   $309
Metropolitan - clinic car   $102
Regional and Rural   $523

Cases with a final priority of 4 or greater are charged at non-emergency rates. The allocation of these priorities is performed during (and by) the call taking processes when contacting ESTA. These priorities are allocated in accordance with the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Act & Regulations.

The Clinic Car service is only available in Metropolitan Melbourne and selected regional/rural locations.


Metropolitan, Regional and Rural   $494

Air transport

Whether a transport is emergency or non-emergency doesn’t matter for air transport fees. The type of transport - rotary (helicopter) or fixed wing (aeroplane) determines the fee. 

All fees are GST exclusive. Where GST does apply (primarily to public hospitals) Ambulance Victoria will include the GST amount when invoicing.

Air Transport Fees
  Public Hospitals TAC, DVA or VWA Other users*
Fixed wing  
Variable charge (per transport)  $2,031  $2,031  $4,779
Variable** charge (per transport)   $10,220  $10,220  $10,220

* Other users specifically refers to members of the public that are privately insured, or that are uninsured, are not members of Ambulance Victoria's Membership Scheme or don't receive any other entitlement. Other Users excludes Victorian private healthcare facilities, Victoria Police, Australian Search and Rescue, Interstate public and private hospitals and interstate ambulance services. Please contact Ambulance Victoria for rates applying to these entities.

** General patients will continue to pay the variable component only for rotary transport.

The mechanism for payment of the fixed component of the air fees for major users will be maintained according to the current methodology.

The fixed cost is based on proportionate share and charged according to respective legislative requirements.

Note: Air transport fees do not include any road transport associated with the air transport. Road transports are billed separately.

For all interstate transports, these fees do not apply. Please contact Air Ambulance Victoria who will provide a quote for undertaking this transport.

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