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Aged Care in Victoria
Aged Care in Victoria
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Well for Life
Improving nutrition and physical activity for residents of aged care facilities

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Well for Life aims to improve the health and well being of older people. A resource kit has been developed to support residential aged care staff to increase nutrition and physical activity opportunities for older residents. More recently an emotional wellbeing component has been added to this resource kit. This program is an initiative of the Victorian Department of Health, Public Health and Aged Care branches. The Well for Life resource package includes:

  • Working together for change - A discussion guide designed to help staff work through the process of solving relevant workplace problems;
  • Good practice checklist - Designed as a self-assessment tool for the facility to identify key areas of nutrition and physical activity practice that could be improved
  • Thirty-two help sheets - Evidence based guidelines for best practice covering a broad range of topics on nutrition, activity and other areas relevant to best practice.
  • Promoting independence at mealtimes: in-service package, includes a checklist, presentation resources and case studies designed to assist staff to develop assessment and management skills. An occupational therapist is required to conduct the training.
  • Physical activity in aged care facilities: seminar package, includes both presentation resources and case studies designed to guide staff through the research evidence on the benefits of physical activity.

Well for Life - resources

Section 1: Discussion framework

Adobe Acrobat icon Well for life - Discussion framework (58k, pdf)

Section 2: Help sheets

  1. Adobe Acrobat icon Introduction to Well for life help sheets (26kb, pdf)
  2. Adobe Acrobat icon Food safety issues in residential care (27kb, pdf)
  3. Adobe Acrobat icon Quality dining room service (38kb, pdf)
  4. Adobe Acrobat icon Menu assessment (40kb, pdf)
  5. Adobe Acrobat icon Resident satisfaction with meals (38kb, pdf)
  6. Adobe Acrobat icon Conducting a resident meal satisfaction survey (29kb, pdf)
  7. Adobe Acrobat icon Appropriate meal sizes for residents (41kb, pdf)
  8. Adobe Acrobat icon Contracting catering services (37kb, pdf)
  9. Adobe Acrobat icon Promoting independence at mealtimes (30kb, pdf)
  10. Adobe Acrobat icon Special occasion catering - increasing variety at mealtimes (39kb, pdf)
  11. Adobe Acrobat icon Identifying and managing unintentional weight loss (38kb, pdf)
  12. Adobe Acrobat icon Dietary issues for residents with diabetes mellitis (32kb, pdf)
  13. Adobe Acrobat icon Catering for residents with swallowing problems - texture modified diets (45kb, pdf)
  14. Adobe Acrobat icon Drinking and fluids - maintaining hydration (40kb, pdf)
  15. Adobe Acrobat icon Catering for people from culturally diverse backgrounds (38kb, pdf)
  16. Adobe Acrobat icon What constitutes physical activity (29kb, pdf)
  17. Adobe Acrobat icon Physical activity and older people (36kb, pdf)
  18. Adobe Acrobat icon Motivators for physical activity (38kb, pdf)
  19. Adobe Acrobat icon Barriers to physical activity (38kb, pdf)
  20. Adobe Acrobat icon Formal physical activity programs (39kb, pdf)
  21. Adobe Acrobat icon Incidental and leisure activity (37kb, pdf)
  22. Adobe Acrobat icon Increasing opportunities for walking (38kb, pdf)
  23. Adobe Acrobat icon Assisted exercise (27kb, pdf)
  24. Adobe Acrobat icon Determining optimum levels of physical activity (29kb, pdf)
  25. Adobe Acrobat icon Volunteers in residential facilities (38kb, pdf)
  26. Adobe Acrobat icon Staff communication strategies (31kb, pdf)
  27. Adobe Acrobat icon Introducing change within residential facilities (40kb, pdf)
  28. Adobe Acrobat icon Workplace learning (40kb, pdf)
  29. Adobe Acrobat icon How staff benefit from Well for Life (27kb, pdf)
  30. Adobe Acrobat icon Involving residents' families, carers and friends (32kb, pdf)
  31. Adobe Acrobat icon Accessing health professionals (30kb, pdf)
  32. Adobe Acrobat icon Challenging ageist attitudes (40kb, pdf)

Section 3: About independence at mealtimes

Adobe Acrobat icon About independence at mealtimes (120k, pdf)

Section 4: Physical activity in aged care facilities

Adobe Acrobat icon Physical activity in aged care facilities (110k, pdf)

Section 5: Resources and contacts

Adobe Acrobat icon Resources and contacts (91k, pdf)

Further information

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Last updated: 3 April, 2013
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