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Aboriginal health

The Department of Health aims to make a significant and measurable impact on improving the length and quality of the lives of Aboriginal Victorians in this decade, in partnership with the Aboriginal community and our stakeholders.

The government's objectives are to:

Key priorities

The six key priorities of Koolin Balit: Strategic Directions for Aboriginal Health 2012-2022 are:

  1. a healthy start to life
  2. a healthy childhood
  3. a healthy transition to adulthood
  4. caring for older people
  5. addressing risk factors
  6. managing illness better with effective health services.

Koolin Balit builds on the Victorian Health Priorities Framework 2012-2022. Broader, whole-of-government strategies are outlined in the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2013-2018.

Read more about Koolin Balit: Victorian Government strategic directions for Aboriginal health 2012-2022

What's New

Koolin Balit State-wide Action Plan 2013-2015

The state-wide action plan covers the period from 2013 to 2015, outlining the detail of what the Victorian Department of Health and other relevant departments and partners will do to achieve the aims of theKoolin Balit: Victorian Government Strategic Directions for Aboriginal Health 2012-2022.

The action plan includes clear measures and milestones to implement and achieve each of the aims set out in the Koolin Balit 10 year strategy.

The key actions for the next three years are:

  • Reducing the rate of Aboriginal perinatal mortality;
  • Increasing the proportion of Aboriginal children participating in maternal and child health visits;
  • Reducing smoking take-up among Aboriginal teenagers;
  • Reducing the number of Aboriginal adults who are current smokers;
  • Helping older Aboriginal people access information, support and services to maximise their health and wellbeing; and
  • Improving access to primary, acute and mental health services.

 Koolin Balit State-wide Action Plan 2013-2015


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